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Bahrain: A Full-Scale Attack

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This post is part of our special coverage of Bahrain Protests 2011 [1].

Protesters at Bahrain's Pearl (Lulu) Roundabout were dispersed [2] early this morning, as military and police have waged a full-scale attack on them.

Netizens reported that tanks, choppers and army patrols on foot fired tear gas and shotguns at protesters, chasing them to nearby alleys and villages. Roads leading to the roundabout were also blocked and reports and photographs allege that the main hospital, Salmaniya Medical Complex, is being blocked by riot police – preventing the treatment of those injured. So far, reports say that two people have been killed and an unconfirmed number injured.

Saudi Arabia has deployed 1,000 troops, and the United Arab Emirates a further 500 to support Bahrain's government in “maintaining peace and order.” It is not known whether those troops were involved in this morning's clampdown on protesters. Information is difficult to assert as netizens at the scene claim that telecommunications have been cut and Bahrain Television is showing patriotic dancing and song clips while an army of pro-government netizens continue to deny anything happening in Bahrain.

This video is from Bahrain today, specific location unknown.


Here's the latest buzz from Twitter:

Lulu cleared [3]@khokhz [4]: Lulu cleared #Bahrain #Feb14 #Lulu http://twitpic.com/49xjjg

@acarvin [5]: Two dead account for so far: Jaffar Mohd Abd Ali from Karana (age 41) and Abdulla Hassan from Hamad Town (age 23) #Bahrain #Feb14

@VladDuthiersCNN [6]: @JamjoomCNN is on-air live reporting from Manama #Bahrain, on @cnni , at least two dead when troops fired on protesters…

@acarvin [7]: hearing both “no casualties” and “two dead.” Can't believe the former, given @angryarabiya's report about her father's birdshot wound.

[8]@sate3 [9]: Al Alam TV sources: Saudi & Bahraini forces attack the Int'l Hospital w tear gas & rubber bullets. Two killed #Bah http://twitpic.com/49y0db

@RshRsho [10]: My wish for the day PEACE ! Pls don't resist don't face riot police or army pls go home we'll solve this somehow #Bahrain #Prayforbahrain

@BahrainRights [11]: Eyewitness on AJE: Security forces prevent doctors and nurses frm reaching Sulmaniya hospital. Same reports by tweeps #Bahrain”

@Kawtheri retweets [12] [ar]:

[13]#Bahrain #lulu قوات الشغب تحاصر مجمع السلمانية وتشهر الأسلحة أمام المارة والقاطنين بالمنطقة http://twitpic.com/49y0bo
Translation coming soon

@Nabeelrajab says [14] [ar]:

القوات تطلق النار من فوق برغرلاند ومفروشات الاسود -تم قطع الانترنت من هاتفي لكي لا يتم تحديثكم وتسعة اصابات بالرصاص الحي شهدتها تسقط#bahrain
Translation coming soon

@FreedomPrayers [15]: Celebrations of deaths already started on #Bahrain tv

@Nadawish [16]: Twitter being our only news source is not good. #lulu are under attack& there is no network there to get to them. Please don't spread lies.

Helicopter roaming in Bahrein [17]@Ali_Najar [18]: http://yfrog.com/hs1d60j Helicopter roaming at low level on skies of some villages #bahrain #14feb #pearl #lulu #massacre

[19]@zaidamr12 [20]: http://yfrog.com/h228s8j Blood all over seats in a cars been attacked by live ammunition today #Bahrain #lulu #massacre #14feb

@JustAmira [21]: Is this true? RT @Sahwan: TRA #Bahrain orders all telecom companies in #Bahrain to barred called to #Lebanon #Iraq and #Iran.

Stay tuned for more coverage from Bahrain.

This post is part of our special coverage of Bahrain Protests 2011 [1].