16 March 2011

Stories from 16 March 2011

Palestine: Protests for National Unity

Independent youth in Palestine called for protests in Gaza and the West Bank on March 15, 2011, showing their loyalty to Palestine rather than to Hamas and Fatah. Organized through Facebook, thousands gathered in al-Katibah Square in Gaza City.

Philippines: Bloggers Dispel Japan Nuclear Scare Hoax

  16 March 2011

Hoax messages that sow unfounded fear and panic in the public about Japan's nuclear problems like avoiding acid rain and radiation exposure are circulating in the Philippines. Bloggers are quick in coming out to prove that the messages are false

China: Salt Radiation Rumors Fuel Widespread Panic Buying

  16 March 2011

An official message went out today aiming to reassure people that salt supplies would not be affected by radiation from Japan having leaked into the ocean. This sparked rumors which led to panic buying which gripped major cities which are now out of salt.

Japan: Earthquakes Moving South? Anxiety Builds in Kansai

  16 March 2011

Just days after the massive earthquake which struck northeastern Japan, further geological tremors are taking place elsewhere on the island of Honshu. A series of quakes naturally has people living west of said areas feeling a bit nervous about what is to come.

Venezuela's Hip-hop Schools (Video)

  16 March 2011

Caracazo Media shares their short documentary featuring interviews (with English subtitles) and performances of students from an EPATU (Popular School for the Arts and Urban Traditions) hip-hop school in the “overcrowded barrio of La Vega in the hillsides of Caracas, Venezuela.” The film incorporates video filmed by the youth.

Haiti: To Vote or Not To Vote

  16 March 2011

Throwing Down the Water says that the outcome of the Haitian election will be decided by which sections of the population vote and which stay home.

Russia: New Website Fights Corruption in Moscow University

RuNet Echo  16 March 2011

New website MGIMOleaks.com is designed to fight corruption at prestigious Moscow State University of International Relations. People are urged to inform the site administration about any cases of bribery, scams, abuse of powers, etc. The information will then be published on the site and given anonymously to the police.

Bahamas: Energy Reform

  16 March 2011

“So here we are, two years after the last oil shock, and prices are over $100 per barrel again, with some forecasters saying they could pass the 2008 high of $147 a barrel that sent everyone scrambling to cut energy costs”: Bahama Pundit‘s Larry Smith looks at alternatives for the...

Senegal: March 19, National Day of Action

  16 March 2011

The winds of revolt are blowing across the Maghreb and the Middle East. Political opponents in Senegal are also getting in on the action by expressing their discontent at their government's misguided ways. March 19, 2011, has been chosen as the date to organize demonstrations in the country.

Cuba: Citizen-Generated Info

  16 March 2011

Generation Y is watching TV “when suddenly there’s the familiar face of Dagoberto Valdés accompanied by a description of a ‘counterrevolutionary element'”, noting that citizen media has afforded him “the capacity to disseminate ideas which — in the face of an attack like this — becomes his principal sin and...