Egypt: Leaked Documents Reveal Dirty Games of Former Regime

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011.

When a number of Egyptian protestors attacked the headquarters of the hated State Security in different Egyptian cities, their aim was not to show their contempt for the unpopular institution, a symbol of Mubarak’s regime, but it was rather to rewrite history.

A large number of secret documents

The offices of the State Security represent a haven for secret documents and historic facts which the regime of Hosni Mubarak intended to hide from the public. Those who got into the offices managed to save a large number of top secret documents, though some of the documents were burned and destroyed. The secret documents revealed details of gas deals with Israel, human rights abuses, and the involvement of the Interior Ministry in terrorist acts.

The Facebook page “We are all Khaled Said” reports how the Egyptian authorities used to keep an eye on all Egyptians who were politically active.

Egypt's state security used to create a file for each & every Egyptian they come across. Activists, opposition, Islamists, Muslim Brotherhood, Atheists, communists, active union members, everyone who is politically active had a file for them at the SS. In some cases, people who prayed early morning prayers (Fajr) in a mosque had files opened for them.

Some leaked documents disclosed the involvement of the Interior Ministry in carrying out terror attacks in Sharm Al Shaikh in July 2005. The following document of the Interior Ministry reveals the details of the attacks.

و اتفقنا على جميع بنود الخطة الموضوعة لتنفيذ التكليف 231 بتاريخ 29/1/2005 و قداتفقنا على ان تستهدف ثلاث سيارات ملغومة منطقة نعمة على ان تنفجر الاولى بمدخل فندق موفنبيك والثانية بالمنتجع القريب من الفندق والثالثة بقرية موفنبيك المملوكين جميعا للسيد حسين سالم

We have agreed to all the points of the plan to carry out order 231 of January 29, 2005. We have agreed that three car bombs will target the area of Naama Bay. The first car will explode at the entrance of the Mövenpick Hotel, the second at the resort near the hotel, and the third in the Mövenpick village, all owned by Mr Hussain Salem.

This top secret document reveals the involvement of the Interior Ministry in the Sharm Al Shaikh bombings

Another piece of evidence proving the involvement of Mubarak

The news site Al Jarida has managed to have access to other secret documents disclosing another scandal committed by Jamel and Ala, the sons of Hosni Mubarak:

تنشر ‘الجريدة’ اليوم قصة واحدة من أخطر فضائح عصر الرئيس المصري السابق حسني مبارك، التي ستكون محلاً للتحقيقات خلال الفترة المقبلة، إذ تكشف أن جمال وعلاء نجلَي الرئيس حصلا على عمولة من إسرائيل مقابل إتمام صفقة تصدير الغاز المصري إليها.

وتبيَّن أن مفاوضات سرية جرت في مدينة شرم الشيخ طوال شهر يناير من عام 2005 لإتمام الاتفاق على كيفية تقاسم عمولات الوسطاء التي كان أطرافها من الجانب المصري وزير البترول سامح فهمي ورجل الأعمال المقرب من الرئيس حسين سالم بالإضافة إلى نجلَي مبارك، وأن هذه الاجتماعات شهدت خلافات طاحنة بين جمال مبارك وسالم، بسبب اتفاق الثاني مع الإسرائيليين على زيادة نسبته مقابل تقليل عمولة الأول، وهو ما أدى إلى قبول جمال في النهاية بحصوله على 5 في المئة فقط من قيمة الصفقة بدلاً من نسبة الـ10 في المئة التي كان يطلبها في البداية، بينما حصل شقيقه الأكبر علاء على 2.5 في المئة.

Today Al Jarida has published the story of one of the most dangerous scandals that took place during the regime of the former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, which will be investigated in the coming period. Al Jarida has revealed that Jamal and Alaa, the sons of the president, received commission from Israel for completing a deal to export Egyptian gas to it. Apparently secret negotiations to complete the deal on how to divide the brokers’ commission took place in Sharm Al Shaikh in January 2005. The Egyptian brokers were the Minister of Petrol, Sameh Fahmi, the businessman Hussain Salem who was close to the president, and the two sons of Mubarak. The meetings witnessed serious disagreements between Jamal Mubarak and Salem because of the agreement of the Israelis to increase the latter’s share while reducing that of the former. In the end Jamal accepted a share of 5% instead of the 10% he had asked for in the beginning, while his older brother Alaa got 2.5%.

Another leaked document discloses that the Interior Ministry was behind the bombing of two churches in Alexandria

ReSo blogging at Revoltology writes:

One of the leaked documents protesters found in State Security showing that the SS planned and implemented the attacks on Two Saints Church in Alexandria on the Christmas eve. The document is describing in details who, when and how to operate it..

According to the leaked document, the aim of the attacks on the church was to paralyse the Coptic community and bring an end to their protests.

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011.

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