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International Solidarity Campaign: the “Acqua for life challenge”

Categories: Citizen Media, Development, Environment, Health, Humanitarian Response

“The Acqua for Life [1] project aims to provide tens of millions of litres of clean water to the communities who most need it. The operation is due to start in Ghana and will support the Smart Water for Green Schools project. In this west African country, almost 40% of the rural population doesn’t have access to clean water.” From 1 March, the campaign (promoted by Giorgio Armani [2] and by the NGO, Green Cross International [3]) rose public awareness, thanks to a net of solidarity and support, particularly on the internet, through such websites as Facebook [4]. The campaign website offers continuous updates on the developments, amounts and results gathered, as well as other information on the subject, amongst which include the anniversary of World Water Day [5] on 22 March.