8 March 2011

Stories from 8 March 2011

Morocco: Women Celebrate International Day

Moroccan women, who have long been at the forefront of the civil society's struggle for a better and more dignified life, celebrated the 100th anniversary of the International Women's Day today. Across the Moroccan blogosphere, male and female bloggers have been reflecting on this occasion.

Argentina: The Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo

  8 March 2011

Erwin in The Latin Americanist features Argentina's Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo on International Woman's Day: “The ‘Abuelas’ were founded in 1977 with the aim of finding babies stolen during the ‘Dirty War’ period. In the 34 years since their creation, the group has reportedly identified over 100 children whose...

Hollaback! Mobile Technology Against Street Harassment

  8 March 2011

Based on the premise that "the explosion of mobile technology has given us an unprecedented opportunity to end street harassment," Hollaback! is encouraging women around the world to use the tools available to them to share their stories and geo-locate incidents and reports.

Vietnam: Road accidents

  8 March 2011

Citing WHO statistics, Andy Engelson is surprised to discover that “United States’ traffic is as dangerous as Vietnam’s.”

Thailand: Total number of coups

  8 March 2011

Nicholas Farrelly, writing for the New Mandala, has counted 11 “successful” and 9 “unsuccessful” coup efforts” in Thailand in the past century.

Kenya: Interesting websites

  8 March 2011

Interesting Kenyan websites: “Chukua.com – yet another directory-type website.The thing that sets Chukua.com apart is that it is not only a directory but a marketplace – whereby you can set up an online “shop” on chukua.com. Maridadi.co.ke – is an online clothing store. The design is beautifully done. Kudos to...

Ghana: Photos of mental health

  8 March 2011

Fiona blogs about Ghanaian photographer Nyani who has been working on a collection of photographs documenting the conditions faced by people in Ghana who are living with mental health issues.

Macedonia: Goverment as “Donor”

Volan objects [MKD] to using the term “donations” by the government officials, who use taxpayers’ money for photo opportunities that present them as sponsors instead of spenders. The latest example: buying buses from Ukraine for the state-owned public transport enterprise in Skopje.

Liberia: Women mobilize for peace

  8 March 2011

Jenny Hobbs explains how Liberian women mobile for peace after years of civil war: “Few people are aware that a group of women – calling themselves the Peace Women, dressed in colourful lappas (Liberian cloth), bright white t-shirts and white headscarves, were instrumental in bringing peace to Liberia.”

Mexico: Remembering the Women of Ciudad Juárez

  8 March 2011

Ciudad Juárez is considered the most violent city in Mexico with more than 3,100 murders recorded in 2010, with an average of 9 homicides per day. Women are not immune to this violence, and cases of femicides committed years ago are still unresolved. On this International Woman's Day, we are remembering the women of Ciudad Juárez.