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Jordan: #HashtagDebates and Reforms

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The second #HashtagDebates [1] organized by 7iber [2] took place at Makan [3] in Amman this evening (March 7). 7iber [2], the Jordanian youth-orientated independent media outlet has been contributing to growing public dialog both online and offline through several programs and activities.

From @7iber's photostream [5]

Tonight's #HashtagDebates brought together voices discussing citizenship and reforms in Jordan. Here are some tweets from the gathering:

@tarawnah [6]:
First speaker: @Linashannak asks whether the “alternative homeland” issue is an excuse for the lack of #reformjo? #hashtagdebates #JO

@Lina18 [7]
speaker @jawadabbassi: a pillar of democracy is a system of checks and balances
جواد عباسي: الأحزاب في الخمسينات لم تكن تسعى للديمقراطية بل لقلب نظام الحكم

Jawad Abbasi: parties in the 50s did not work towards democracy, rather to topple the regime.

speaker @sufianobeidat: state needs to decide, is it a democratic monarchy or an absolute monarchy?

@reemalmasri [8]: speaker @linashannak asking “why does the gov ask me to take on my social and civic duties but not my political rights?”

@lama_b [9]
According to @jawadabbasi, Arab world doesn't have democracy but this isn't only caused by the regime. Society also at fault.
Speaker @sufianobeidat: Lack of proper judiciary oversight is main obstacle to reform in Jordan

@7iber [10]

أنا بشعر أنو الأردن دولة بوليسية، و بعدنا بنخاف نحكي و ننتقد بالشارع، و صار الكل بدو يطلع برة ”
I feel that Jordan is a police state, we're still afraid to speak out and criticize in the street, and everyone wants to go abroad.

@JawazSafar [11]: the need is to reform the relation between state & government & people

@reemalmasri [12]:

اي اردني واعي لا يرى ان الأردن مقسوم الى اردني و فلسطيني و لكن فقراء و أغنياء ، من يستطيع دفع الضرائب و من لا
Any aware Jordanian doesn't see Jordan split into Jordanian/Palestinian, but rather poor and rich, those who can pay taxes and those who cannot.

@tarawnah [13]: Quote “the govt is 10 steps behind us”….very true. very similar regionally.

@razano [14]: on identity, why can a Jordanian be American as well but cant be Lebanese or Palestinian?

@7iber [15]

دستور 52 بحرم التفرقة بين الأردنيي الأصل و الأردنيين من أصل فلسطيني
The 1952 Constitution forbids discrimination between those of Jordanian origin and those of Palestinian origin.

@Lama_B [16]

مدونة من اربد: الحوار نخبوي ولا يمت بصلة بمشاكل الاردنيين في المحافظات الذين يهمهم لقمة العيش فقط وليس الهوية الاردنية
blogger from Irbid (city in north of Jordan): the dialog is elitist and does not connect with the problems of Jordanians in the municipalities who are concerned about food on the table and not the Jordanian identity.

@7iber: [17]

@rimasaifi: يجب أن ننقل الحوار إلى أبعد من عمان الغربية
We should move the conversation beyond west Amman

@moalQaq [18]

احد الحاضرين: مادة التاريخ في مدارس الوزاره هي غسيل مخ وتحتاج لتغيير جذري
One of the attendees: the history curriculum in public schools is brainwashing and needs fundamental change.

@BilalAbuzeid [19]
Transparency is something we talk and hear about but nobody practices it…such a shame

@DanaZkat [20]
My point is even with political reform economic challenges will remain in #Jo and elsewhere

@AhedAlAdwan [21]
@DanaZkat Agree with u, we still have a long way to go, hunger & economic equality, identity, parties based political life, elections…

For more, please follow the Twitter #HashtagDebates search, check out this Meedan curated page [22], and the conversation at 7iber.com [1].