Egypt: The Day the Secrets Were Revealed (Videos)

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011.

After the Egyptians succeeded in toppling Hosni Mubarak – they set their goal on cutting the hydra's tentacles. A full-waged war started last night against the dreaded State Security apparatus, known as Amn Dawla in Arabic, after news was filtered that this notorious organisation was burning and shredding dossiers and documents.

Thousands of youth assembled themselves online, again on Facebook, after a call went out for Egyptians to surround all state security buildings across the country today.

Hossam El Hamalawy posts this video showing protesters outside the State Security headquarters in Nasr City:

Zeinobia, on Egyptian Chronicles, outlines what happened in Nasr City:

Tonight Egyptian protesters managed not to only to encircle the fearful building by thousands but they have also entered it for the first time not as detainees blindfolded but actually as victorious revolutionaries who had enough from that castle of terrorists.
MP general and army general speaking
With protesters “Yasser Seif”
As I hinted in the previous two posts about Alexandria SS HQ and 6th of October SS HQ , protesters decided to protest only at the Nasr City SS HQ at 4 PM especially after knowing that the officers there are systematically getting rid from documents that can incriminate them. Some people say that the shredding and burning documents process started with the resignation of Shafik and the collapse of his cabinet while others say that that this systematic process was taking place since the fall of Habib Al Adly and his men.
Anyhow back to the capital of hell , the army evacuated the officers and officially was in control of it. After some negotiations with the generals , the people managed to get in and to see what they have never seen in their lives before from files , torture devices and underground prisons. After finding what they have found and the fact that Egypt will live in the new State security gate for weeks or even months as more and more scandals will come to light , I do not know why or how the generals let the people in. May be they let them in because they know that they were angry but did the generals know or even imagine what the people have there !!!?

Among the findings in the building were:

I wonder what files the State security officers have actually destroyed. These are the files our tweep friends told us about :

* Bombing the two Saints Church “According to those who read , it actually incriminates the MOI in bombing the church.
* Hosni Mubarak and Suzanne Mubarak !! “Yes they were following their moves !! It makes you wonder about their loyalty. Our friends spoke about a report covering the Addis Baba assassination attempt in 1996.
* Sheikh Karadawy
* Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei
* Al Jazeera TV host Ahmed Mansour
* Late Khaled Said !!
* Members of Muslim brotherhood like Mohamed Habib
* Members of 6th April like Ahmed Maher ‘it included details about their family members even babies !”
* Members of socialist movements
* Religious sects
* Religious conservative “allegedly full floor dedicated to them”
* Mortada Mansour
* The Egyptian New night talk shows “Including transcripts for the episodes and the details of the callers”
* A whole file with the Yahoo emails that have been monitored.
* Files about CIA , FBI, Iraq elections and Al Qaeda “The golden files of rendition have not been found it, I fear that they were shredded”
* Files about politicians and their relations
* Files about political deals and spies in various groups
* Files about Safwat Al Sherif and his sons with their financial corruption scandals.
* Files about the journalists who are working for the state security


On YouTube many videos were uploaded showing shredded papers and dossiers ‘for almost everyone in Egypt’ inside the Egyptian State Security building in Nasr City.

This video, by MrsLuelabie, shows citizens inside the building and their findings:

The commenter is shocked at the amount of shredded papers inside the building, as they walk from one office to the other.

Karmkarawia shows us similar footage from the State Security headquarters in Alexandria:

mizoman1 uploads a clip showing a policeman testifying to the burning of documents at the SS headquarters in Giza four days ago. He then adds that documents were also burned and shredded in October 6:

The same story repeats itself in Tanta, where witnesses testify to the burning and shredding of documents. This clip by mizoman1 shows that:

Reactions from Twitter:

@AymanM: Its clear now that state security involved in massive attempt to cover up or destroy implicating evidence & docs across #egypt #amndawla

@Sandmonkey: Its Bastille day in Egypt. NO MORE STATE SECURITY. WE WON #jan25 #amndawla #nomore

@Sandmonkey: Amn dawla protest, right now #amndawla #jan25

@pakinamamer: We're a much bigger crowd now at #Amndawla Nasr City! Join us, we need reinforcements!


@telaraby: #amndawla nasr city

@Ali_Bahnasawy: Pics from inside #AmnDawla Nasr City. Few seconds ago.

@jan15egy: Reports from #NasrCity #SS HQ (Hell's Capital): Protesters forming humanchains to protect docs. #AmnDawla #Jan25 #Egypt #Tahrir

@iafify [ar] says:

الأهرام كانت بتقول إن أمن الدولة بيحرق زبالة مش أوراق، ماشى يا سيدى و احنا جمعيات حماية البيئة. عندك مانع؟ #AmnDawla #Egypt #Jan25
Al Ahram (newspaper) was saying that State Security was burning trash and not documents. Fine, and we are from the Environmental Protection Societies! Do you have a problem with that?

Egy_20002000 [ar] notes:

@: #AmnDawla #Egypt #Shabab6April بوابة ستة تؤدي مباشرة إلي باب الحجز و هو باب خشب تحت الأرض أمامه جنينة صغيرة رتويت بسرعة
“The sixth gate leads immediately to the prison's doors. It is a wooden door underground. There is a garden in front of it. Retweet fast.”

@Egyrev25: People here were able to free 5 prisoners in #amndawla nasrcity #Egypt #Jan25

@hadytarek: Torture tools inside state security #amndawla #jan25 #egypt

@diptychal: Tons of contradicting info, confusion, chaos. Really hope none of the key files go missing in the middle of all of this. #nasrcity #amndawla

mono_mnamenoooo adds:

حاسة ان فى مكائد تدبر , ياريت مش كل حاجة تنتشر ممكن ملفات المصريين العادية بلاش نشر ملف كنيسة القديسين وتسليمها للنائب العام #amndawla
“I feel that there are major conspiracy in the making. I hope that not everything gets published. Maybe you can public the dossiers concerning ordinary people. But don't publish the Saint's Church dossier and hand it over to the Public Prosecutor instead.”

@shorof adds:

فيه ملفات أمن قومي و مش عارفين النشر يمكن يضر حتى قضايا الثورة – بلاش مستندات تنشر على النت قبل ما يشوفها النائب العام #amndawla #jan25
“There are dossiers on national security. We don't know if publishing them would have counter effects – even on the revolution. We shouldn't publish all the documents on the Internet before they are seen by the Public Prosecutor.

@BassieAhmad: Operation purification! Uncovering the crimes of #AmnDawla. Care should be taken to secure all evidence. Who's up for that task? #JAN25

@omareladl: Files are being checked by the people #amndawla

@gazawia: Egyptians ain't stopping. ppl r breaking into state security headquarters to dismantle it & get docs to hold torturers accountable #amndawla

@aymanhaiba: Hossam @3arabawy Now here #AmnDawla #Jan25

Fatema Abed [ar] tweets:

@: وثيقة ىتفجير الكنايس اللي لاقوها دلوقتي مفزعة مش قادرة مش قادرة قد ماتخليت وساخة امن الدولة ماتصورتش كدا ابدا #amndawla
“The document on the church bombings they just found is horrifying. I cannot imagine how dirty state security was.. I never imagined this ever..”

And Word_of_light [en] jokes:

يا جماعة انتم على طول ظالمين كده، دول بيحرقوا المستندات علشان يبتدوا معانا صفحة جديدة بعد الثورة #Amndawla
“Why are you always jumping to the wrong conclusions? They are burning those documents to turn a new leaf after the revolution.”


This set contains photographs of many of the documents ‘rescued’ today.


Also, this Facebook page entitled Amn Dawla Leaks is already up, with pictures of documents and reactions from users.

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011.


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