6 March 2011

Stories from 6 March 2011

Russia: Putin Party

@MiriamElder is tweeting from the “racy ‘Putin Party’” taking place at one of Moscow's nightclubs: “No one here basically but strippers and photographers shooting the strippers http://plixi.com/p/82136606.”

Saudi Arabia: What Saudis Demand

As protests engulf the region, Saudis too are making their voices heard. A petition addressed to King Abdulla is being circulated, with demands aimed at wide ranging political reforms. Also on Twitter, tweeps are listing their demands for a better country.

Maldives: Media Misleading People

  6 March 2011

Hassan Ziyau is furious that the Maldives media have twisted and sensationalized news reports of a child being decapitated during birth at IGM hospital, the largest hospital in the Maldives.

Libya: Zenga Zenga Meme Goes Viral

Gaddafi's now infamous "Zenga Zenga" speech has sparked a meme over the internet. Remixes of segments of the nationally televised address in which "The Guide" promised to "cleanse Libya inch by inch, home by home, house by house, street by street (Zenga Zenga)" are mushrooming on video sharing websites, much to the delight of Gaddafi opponents.

Azerbaijan: Dirty deeds and cover ups

Flying Carpets and Broken Pipelines, one of the moderators of a Facebook group calling for pro-democracy protests in Azerbaijan on 11 March comments on the arrest of Bakhtiyar Hajiyev, one of the other online organizers. Noting that the Harvard graduate has been reportedly beaten, tortured and threated with rape, the...

Saudi Arabia: Protests Reach Eastern Province

The flame of protests raging across the Arab world, from the Ocean to the Gulf, has reached the Saudi Arabian cities Al Qatif and Al Hafouf. More than 100 people gathered in each of the two cities for the release of Shiite cleric Tawfiq Al Amir, who was arrested on Friday, March 4, after calling for a constitutional monarchy and a war against corruption. Al Amir was released a few hours ago.

Azerbaijan: Facebook activism or military service?

Democracy Now! comments on the case of Bakhtiyar Hajiyev, the Harvard educated activist detained in Azerbaijan last week. As one of seven moderators for a Facebook group calling for Egypt-style protests in the oil-rich former Soviet republic, the blog notes that the charge of avoiding military service is being used...

Brazil: Female Officer Strip Searched by Male Investigators

  6 March 2011

The Brazilian blogosphere reacts to a video recently released online in which a female desk officer with the state police of São Paulo is strip searched by male investigators from the police force's Office of Internal Affairs. The case dates back to 2009 but was only recently disclosed to the public.

Armenia: Eurovision not with a bang, but a whimper

Unzipped: Gay Armenia comments on the song to be entered into this year's annual Eurovision Song Contest and says it is disappointed by the choice. Moreover, the blog reluctantly says, it believes the song is so bad that it will not be supporting Armenia's entry this year and points readers...

Cambodia: Save Boeung Kak Campaign

  6 March 2011

The Save Boeung Kak Campaign website provides updates and news reports of the struggle of Phnom Penh residents to defend their land and housing rights as the Cambodia government prepares to develop the Boeung Kok area for commercial purposes.

Mexico: Possible Documentary Censorship Causes Commotion

  6 March 2011

A Mexican judge ordered theaters to temporarily halt screenings of the popular Mexican documentary Presunto Culpable (Presumed Guilty). The filmmakers, in an announcement posted on their website, state that the documentary will continue to be shown until they receive a government or judicial order. Still, the Mexican blogosphere has been actively discussing the issue, mostly focusing on censorship and freedom of expression.