5 March 2011

Stories from 5 March 2011

Bahrain: When Geeks Protest

On Saturday a group of IT specialists held a anti government rally raising “geeky” signs and slogans. Tweep Jalal Al-Jazeeri @JTheIslander, an IT geek himself, was on location and tweeted these photos showing some of the most creative signs.

Peru: Wikileaks and the Presidential Campaign

  5 March 2011

One of the unexpected consequences of the cables released by Wikileaks has been its impact on the Peruvian presidential campaign. Juan Arellano compiles some reactions and analysis to the cables and their effect on the current Peruvian presidential campaign.

Bangladesh: Netizens Protest Removal of Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus From Bank

  5 March 2011

The central bank of Bangladesh ordered the removal of Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the pioneer of Microcredit and the head of Grameen Bank, on the grounds that he had overstayed in his position violating the law. Dr. Yunus is challenging this in court and thousands of supporters are protesting across the country against his removal. Netizens also react.

South Korea: Battling Against Foreign Finance's Encroachment

  5 March 2011

Korea Exchange Bank employees and civil rights activists have taken to the streets of Seoul to protest against the encroachment of foreign finance on Korean financial turf. Korean net users have joined their move by retweeting and spreading KEB employees's postings.

Russia: “Tutor/Nanny/Friend/Plaything”

English Man In Moscow, who seeks to be hired as a tutor by an affluent Russian family with kids, writes about a recent 3-hour “‘trial’ lesson” that he gave to a 9-year-old for $43/26 GBP/1,250 rubles per hour. (“Not a fortune, but at the low end of pay for private...

South Asia: Comparing Indian States with India's Neighbors

  5 March 2011

“India clearly has a coherent identity as the world’s largest democracy, but aggregating economic and social data on the national level, and using it to compare India to its neighbors, is possibly very misleading,” comments Razib Khan at Sepia Mutiny.

India: The Paypal Debate

  5 March 2011

Jaya comments on the recent spat between the Indian central bank – RBI and Paypal, which is failing to work properly in India due to regulations.

Colombia: The earth shook to show people that Necoclí exists

  5 March 2011

On the 2nd of March 2011, a tremor measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale was felt in the department of Antioquia and part of northern Colombia. The epicentre of this shock was in the Necoclí municipality (located in Antioquia) and although there were no victims, an ex traordinary fact – as well as the quake itself – that emerged through Twitter was the ignorance of some to the existence of Necoclí.

Russia: Mikhail Gorbachev's Legacy

  5 March 2011

At OpenDemocracy.net, Archie Brown and Lilia Shevtsova write about the legacy of Mikhail Gorbachev, who turned 80 on March 2. Veni Markovski thanks Gorbachev on behalf of Bulgarians and other citizens of Central and Eastern Europe “for tearing down that wall.”

Russia: Khodorkovsky Case Roundup

Belatedly, a roundup of Mikhail Khodorkovsky-related posts: more coverage of “the saga of courtroom whistleblower Natalya Vasilyeva” – at The Power Vertical, Sean's Russia Blog, and OpenDemocracy.net (the latter also has Mumin Shakirov's text on Russian celebrities’ changed attitudes towards the YuKOS case verdicts); A Good Treaty writes about the...