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Video: Impressive Urban Downhill Bike Races

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Latin America, Bosnia Herzegovina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Arts & Culture, Sport

In the town of Valparaiso in Chile,  a downhill mountain bike competition has been taking place for the last 10 years; the Valparaíso Cerro Abajo cup [1]. What makes it different from many other downhill races is the location: this race takes place in the city streets and sidewalks.

[2]Sarajevo Downhill Race [3] by 3dh3m [4] CCBySA [5]

Here is a video [6] showing a competitor doing a trial run before the actual race, zig-zagging through the streets guided by plastic lines and cheered by onlookers:

And it seems that not only dogs are  likely to walk into the cyclists’ path as can be seen in this next video [7] where a person seems more interested in recording the race than in getting out of the way:


And in this video [8], riders in quick succession are seen sorting the obstacles, racing down steps in sidewalks, riding onto walls and jumping off ramps:

But not only Chile has downhill races in urban areas: this next race [9], recorded through  helmet cam shows a course that crisscrosses a town in Sarajevo,  Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Or how about this one [10] in the colonial city of Taxco, Mexico, that even goes through people's homes?

It's not all fun and games: in this race [11] in Cuzco, Peru you can see some of the riders take spills and fall off their bikes: