Yemen: Thousands Protest on Day of Wrath

This post is part of our special coverage Yemen Protests 2011.

Thousands of protesters are marching across Yemen today, Tuesday, in a Day of Wrath to condemn Friday's attacks on protests in Aden, and to call for the end of the Ali Abdullah Saleh regime. According to Amnesty International, clashes on Friday claimed the lives of four Yemenis, and left 26 wounded.

Saleh's call for national dialogue to end protests that have been taking place for weeks have been snubbed by the opposition, who only want him and his regime out of power.

In the capital Sana'a, protests by both anti and pro-Saleh groups took place, while Saleh, who has been in power since 1978, accused both Israel and the US for standing behind the current wave of protests across the Arab world.

On Twitter, the world continues to watch and react to developments in Yemen. Following are some reactions from Yemenis and tweeple paying close attention to developments on the ground:

@Dima_Khatib: #Yemen government says will form a national unity government within 24hours. Opposition says: no thank you. We want to overthrow regime!

@Dima_Khatib: Opposition parties in #Yemen rejected government's offer to dialogue (at last) and now want a revolution with the people !!!

@steveturtle: #Yemen's Saleh accuses Israel and US of fomenting revolts. Clearly he hasn't been listening to Gadaffi. He knows its all Al-Qaeda and drugs

@Sareh1357: That's funny! “AJA: Yemeni president #Saleh: What's happening in the Arab world right now is being orchestrated by Tel Aviv & White House.”

@lars_akerhaug: Ok, mr. Saleh, lay off the red pills. One madman is enough.

tsolami notes (Ar):

مصر ليست تونس…ليبيا ليست تونس ومصر..اليمن ليست تونس ومصر وليبيا..البحرين ليست تونس ومصر وليبيا واليمن #Egypt #Jan25
“The Yemeni president says the same thing: Yemen is not Tunisia or Egypt .. all of you went to the same dictatorship school.”

And gadelkareem (Ar) adds:

مصر ليست تونس…ليبيا ليست تونس ومصر..اليمن ليست تونس ومصر وليبيا..البحرين ليست تونس ومصر وليبيا واليمن #Egypt #Jan25
“Egypt is not Tunisia .. and Libya is not Tunisia and Egypt .. and Yemen is not Tunisia and Egypt and Libya.. and Bahrain is not Tunisia and Egypt and Libya and Yemen.”

Meanwhile, massive protests are continuing across Yemen.

Al7anote tweets (Ar):

#yaman يوم غضب اليوم في اليمن احتجاجا على قمع المظاهرات في عدن
“Today is a Day of Wrath in Yemen, in protest against the oppression of protests in Aden.”

Rasdyemen adds (Ar):

مئات الآلاف يشاركون في “يوم غضب” دعت إليه أحزاب المعارضة تنديداً بضحايا مدينة عدن وللمطالبة بإسقاط الرئيس.
“Hundreds of thousands join in the Day of Wrath, which the opposition parties have called for, to protest for victims of the Aden protests, and to call for the end of the Saleh regime.”

@al3ini: Pix for the day of wrath protest at the change square in #Sanaa #Yemen #Aden #Taiz

@MacroAnt: Massive Anti-regime Protest Underway In Yemen Capital

South_Arabia notes (Ar):

عشرات الآلاف يتوافدون إلى ساحة التغيير بالعاصمة صنعاء مرددين هتافات تطالب برحيل نظام صالح #yemen #aden #fb
“Tens of thousands march to Change Square in the capital Sanaa chanting for Saleh's regime to leave.”

@lalkilani: Pro-Saleh demonstrators heading from Tahrir towards Saylah…where are they going? #Yemen #Sanaa

@alnitak250: Helicopter now circling very low over Sana'a as protesters are streaming to the streets #Yemen #YF

South_Arabia tweets (Ar):

نحو مائة ألف يتظاهرون في إب مرددين هتافات تطالب بإسقاط النظام #yemen #aden #fb
“Around 100,000 protesters in Eb, chanting for the regime to fall.”

@AkramAlodini: government protester @ Hayel Saeed Street #yemen

@AkramAlodini: anti government protester @ change square #yemen

South_Arabia says [ar]

عشرات الآلاف يتوافدون إلى ساحة الحرية في تعز. #yemen #aden #fb
Tens of thousands flock to Liberty Square, in Taiz #yemen #aden #fb

@AlaaIsam: URGENT: the Security Director of Radfan district (name: Haidrah) been killed by army now #Lahj #South #Security #Yemen

@bithack3r: #Yemen: “Libya has taken up our attention.. But in Yemen they we also trying to get rid of regime.” #ArabicEgo

@BobLaBricole: LIBYA……………..█████████░░░░ : In progress….. YEMEN……………█████████░░░░ : In progress…..

This post is part of our special coverage Yemen Protests 2011.

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