Libya: Feeling the Iron Fist in Tripoli (Videos)

This post is part of our special coverage Libya Uprising 2011.

What is happening in Tripoli? Libyans outside the capital — and the rest of the world — wonder, shuddering to think of the levels of depravity Muammar Al Gaddafi will stoop to keep control on the country. During his speech Tuesday, February 22, Gaddafi vowed to go door-to-door to crush opponents, using terms one former ally claims is an invitation to genocide for Libya's remaining loyal troops and mercenaries.

As protesters, and defecting members of the military, claim to control the eastern part of the country — the Gaddafi regime's hold on Libya appears to be tenuous.

But information from the capital city is nearly impossible to come by. Tripoli is closed off to foreign media. Libya's government did tell people to return to work — via text message — and some were seen shopping for food. Reports of two Libyan naval gunships are reportedly facing the city.

One report said the days in Tripoli are eerily quiet while death squads and gangs roam the city at night, spreading violence. From LiveWord? Libya

A source from Tripoli has confirmed to us that Al Zawiya Street hospital seen many rape victim admittances last night. Such deplorable and sickening actions were committed after Gaddafi’s speech in which he called for door-to-door cleansing of the city from those who are against his regime.

Warning: Here are graphic photos from the Libyan Youth Movement Facebook page claiming to be taken from a Tripoli hospital.

This equally fascinating and disturbing video, uploaded by ibnomar2005 on Monday, February 21, shows the high presence of military and mercenaries in Libya's capital.

This video, uploaded by feb17libyans on February 22, says it captures demonstrators in the Dahra district of Tripoli. From the Feb. 17 Libyans webpage, the chant is translated as “Right here! Right here! The Libyans are right here!”

Those on Twitter also have problems finding information coming from the city.

@shablibi: Can't call anyone in #Tripoli can anyone else? #Libya #Gaddafi #feb17

Ali Tweel reports another problem.

@AliTweel: Still trying to find ways to tweet, Twitter is blocked in Tripoli

Here is the latest from Twitter:

@SaloumehZ: In Tajour, Libyans being shot at if they step outside their homes, spread the word, people being massacred! #Libya #Tripoli

@Gheblawi: government cleaned the streets and painted on anti-regime graffiti and replaced #Gaddafi burned billboards with new ones #Tripoli #Libya

@ShababLibya: Caller on BBC: in Tripoli too many people are injured and not getting treated #Libya #Feb17

@AliTweel:@piggypotamus no snipers im still alive!

@ShababLibya: Caller on BBC says: its a lot more serious than people are saying, they are bombing peoples houses #Libya #Feb17

@ShababLibya: The people of Tripoli are putting on a heroic effort this city is littered with mercenaries roaming streets with snipers #Libya #Feb17

@Libyan4life#Tripoli continues to feel the iron fist of #Gaddafi. Injured are being turned away from hospitals and youth continue to die. We still fight

@ChangeInLibya:Im really nervous now.. All we need is tripoli and we'll be free (sabha is too far away and isolated to matter).. ya rab 3aggel biha!! (translation: Please God, make it fast)

@ShababLibya:what we did not know, is the barrier of fear would fall after 1 day of protests, but he has proven 2 be worse than anticipated #Libya #Feb17

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