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Bahrain: Jailed Blogger Ali Abdulemam Free

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This post is part of our special coverage of Bahrain Protests 2011 [1].

Jailed Bahraini blogger Ali Abdulemam is finally free. The news was welcomed by netizens from around the world, as tweeps posted pictures of a smiling Ali being greeted by family and friends.

Ali, the administrator of a popular online forum Bahrain Online (blocked in Bahrain) was arrested [2] at the beginning of September, during a crackdown on opposition figures, which saw up to 250 people arrested, starting from August. Charges against them kept changing as the government tried to pin them down for crimes ranging from terrorism to plotting to overthrow the regime. Finally, a group of 25, including political and human rights activists, were rounded up as the main cell and put on trial – a saga which continued to be discussed everywhere [3], except local newspapers, which were banned [4] from reporting the court proceedings.

Yesterday, Bahrain King Hamad ordered the release [5] of around 100 prisoners, including political prisoners, among them Ali. Here is a selection of tweets celebrating Ali's release:



@Bahrain [8]: #bahrain Ali Abdulemam of #bahrainonline is released #blog #blogger

[9]@SAIDYOUSIF [10]: #Bahrain ali abdulemam is out#Feb14 http://yfrog.com/h26fdphj

@iDiplomacy [11]: In great #Bahrain news, blogger & @globalvoices contributor Ali #Abdulemam was freed today. http://bit.ly/dV5avx via @wedaddy @monaeltahawy

@iDiplomacy [12]: Ali Abdulemam, #Bahrain blogger, was arrested last September for allegedly spreading “false news” on BahrainOnline.org. http://bit.ly/awbmP6

[13]@TruthWitness [14]: ALI #ABDULEMAM, finally FREE. #Feb14 Youth have nominated him to lead the youth movement #Bahrain #Lulu http://twitpic.com/42rz8w

[15]@MhamadHasan [16]: @JustAmira @weddady http://yfrog.com/h32dt5j Ali #abdulemam coming out of Jail ! #bahrain http://yfrog.com/h32b1nj

[15]@MhamadHasan [17]: Ali #abdulemam coming out of Jail ! #bahrain http://yfrog.com/h32dt5j

@EthanZ [18]: Thrilled to see Ali Abdulemam released from prison in Bahrain. Mabrouk to him, his family, everyone who's worked for his release.

@monaeltahawy [19]: I salute my friend @weddady for his tireless advocacy for release of #Bahrain blogger Ali #Abdulemam who wa finally freed today. Mabrouk!

[13]@NadineToukan [20]: :) “@weddady HE IS FREE!! “@AfriNomad Pic of now free #Bahrain blogger Ali @Abdulemam http://yfrog.com/h6eghoj v @maryamalkhawaja

@elsaheb [21]: Bahrain one step in the right direction. Reports that Ali Abdulemam has been freed.

@JonGarfunkel [22]: 5 months ago I spent <$100 to run some Google Ads to free Ali #Abdulemam http://bit.ly/9pOWUM. Bahrainis paid in blood. Welcome home, Ali!

@jamal_alyousif [23]: My warmest congratulations to Ali Abdulemam, his family and to all just bloggers out there! #bahrain #feb14

@mehrza [24]: (wishing the same for all of the imprisoned bloggers of the world) #Bahraini blogger Ali Abdulemam is free! #OR318 /@March18Movement

@lheron [25]: Ali Abdulemam, who worked w me at @WashingtonPost, free after months as political detainee in #Bahrain (via @weddady @bahrain)

@JoelleJackson [26]: Very happy to hear that Ali #abdulemam is finally free! Mabrook to him and his family.

@habibh [27]: Great to hear that Ali #Abdulemam has finally been freed! #Bahrain #UniteBH cc @khalidalkhalifa

@BaghdadBrian [28]: Ali #Abdulemam has been released. Its a start, but whats next #Bahrain ? Will this satisfy the opposition as a sign of good faith?

Meanwhile, protests calling for reforms, which started in Bahrain on February 14, continue.

This post is part of our special coverage of Bahrain Protests 2011 [1].