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Yemen: Walking the Walk, One More Protester Dies (Videos)

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This post is part of our special coverage Yemen Protests 2011 [1].

A teenager was shot and killed in Aden, Yemen [2] on Monday, February 21 as tens of thousands of demonstrators [3] gathered in four separate cities on the 11th day of protests calling for the end of the three-decade reign of President Ali Abdullah Saleh [4]. At least 11 people have died [5] since the demonstrations began, and Amnesty International says [6] at least 78 people have been injured. Five students remain in police custody [7].

In a press conference on Monday, President Saleh said he refused to step down [8], but did offer to hold talks with opposition parties. This was quickly rejected [9]. The protesters, younger citizens and opposition party supporters, don't appear to be going anywhere soon. Students began camping out [10] at Sana'a University on Sunday. And in Aden, police fired warning shots to disperse protesters, who also said they would make a camp.

Al-Masdar Online has photos from Monday's rallies [7].

Video photographers grabbed shots from all over the country.

This video, uploaded by Mualla [11] district of Aden hurling a photo of the president over a balcony.

This is a video of a February 21 protest in a district of Aden, uploaded by Diaz9th [12]

A video, uploaded by yemen5100 [13] shows an anti-government demonstration.

People inside and outside Yemen were also active on Twitter.

@yemen4change: [14] It's very inspiring to hear citizens from #Ibb & #Abyan provinces showing solidarity by joining pro-change demonstrators in Liberty Square in #Taiz #Yemen

@Yemen_2011 [15] #Yemen -some friends in Sanaa who spoke of support 4 #Egypt #Tunisia hv nw fully joined protesters – Yemenis walk da talk – many new faces

@dia_assada: [16] Right now in Freedom Square, Taiz, #Yemen, all the protesters are praying in one voice for saving their brothers n sisters in #Libya

@AlaaIsam [17] links to a photo of a demonstration of Northern Works in Sailah market in Saana's crater district.

The photo [18] is here.

@ma2moun: [19]By the way, Ali Abdullah Saleh, if you are watching and trying to learn fro Gaddafi u better not, ur people have tanks, leave now #Yemen

@nayemkabir: [20] That bastion of truth, Hillary Clinton has spoken out against the tyrant Gaddafi but still stands firm with her friends in Yemen & Morocco.

This post is part of our special coverage Yemen Protests 2011 [1].