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Voices from Libya: “It's a massacre” (Audio)

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This post is part of our special coverage Libya Uprising 2011 [1].

As the scale of atrocities carried out by the Libya's government's against protesters begins to mount, people around the world have been clamoring for reliable information. It's very difficulty in a country where foreign media has found it hard to penetrate and the government has attempted [2] to restrict service to the internet and cell phones.

Yet, the online group feb17voices [3] has begun interviewing and collecting audio testimonies of people throughout Libya. This is the same group behind the jan25voices [4] during the demonstrations that toppled [5] Egypt's long-serving president Honsi Mubarek. What feb17voices has created is a very personal and immediate perspective of the protests and how people are dealing with the chaos and violence. Here is a sampling of feb17voices from the group's channel [3] on the audioBoo website.

This man speculates [6] on whether members of the Libyan military or mercenaries were shooting at protesters.

This person speaks about [7] the alleged militias from sub-Saharan African countries who were brought to Tripoli and are attacking people like guerrillas.

A person from Misrata, 200 kilometers east of Tripoli, describes [8] the protests taking place after a funeral where demonstrators were fired on by police, who killed one person and severally wounding six others

A man from Benghazi talking about [9] the damage near Benghazi police department, which is like a war zone.

A woman from the Tipoli area reported [10] heavy protests in districts of the capitol city, where snipers were shooting at protesters and the police making many arrests in Tajura.

A person from Benghazi describing [11] the Saturday, February 19 fight between protesters and soldiers and mercenaries.

This post is part of our special coverage Libya Uprising 2011 [1].