Libya: Stop Gaddafi's Massacre

This post is part of our special coverage Libya Uprising 2011.

The world is watching in horror, as harrowing reports are making their way from Libya. News of the aerial bombing of Tripoli has united people from all over the world to call for an end to the atrocities committed by Libyan leader Muammar Al Gaddafi against the Libyan people.

Here's a snippet from the reactions on Twitter:

@MbinH: I'm Gadaffled.

@JoelTweetsJoel: Uh, America, isn't this usually the part when you start policing the world? Or is there not enough Oil revenue? #Libya

@sultanalqassemi: Al Jazeera breaking: Multiple reports confirm that military airplanes are bombing protesters in Tripoli. #Libya

@glcarlstrom: AJA interviewing a (rightfully) hysterical guest in Tripoli. He says airstrikes, 250 dead, electricity cut, mercenaries roaming streets.

@DanersB: Caller on AlJazeera: #Libya: “There is no turning back; there is only death or victory” #Feb17

@tadbo: People, from #Libya, on the BBC talking about not being able to go outside & how many of their family members have been killed. *smh*

@knimer: AJA: #Tripoli Eye Witness: Electricity is cut of in areas of Tripoli. #feb17 #libya #gaddaficrimes

@ShababLibya: News is hitting lots of families now of deaths in tripoli tears all over dear world please help #libya #feb17

@fadisalem: Friend reporting from #Libya :People have begun retreating – airstrikes on main roads between buildings. #gaddafi #tripoli #benghazi

@ChangeInLibya: Your politicians only care about mideast “tensions” when they feel like, and completely ignore a massacre in Libya.. Make the jets stop!!

@acarvin: Seeing the “OFFLINE” slate on Livestream for the stream that was coming out of Benghazi: When did it go down?

@evanchill: Reports that all landline and Internet cut in Libya but people are still accessing web. Being told they're using Wimax.

@Gheblawi: More confirmed reports from #Tripoli now heavy gunshots and mercenaries roaming the streets massacring and terrorising people #Libya

@kseirafi: PLEASE REPOST! Egytpian Sheikh Faraj on the Egyptian border, ready to transfer food & medicine into #Libya, call mobile 0102567759.

@Aladin_: Blood bath in #Libya by #Gaddafi killing his own people. This is a a genocide, this is ethnic cleansing, this is State Terrorism!!!

@swerveut: World watches while #Gaddafi the maniac commits genocide in #Libya! All who watch and do nothing are also guilty! @UN INTERVENE NOW!!


This post is part of our special coverage Libya Uprising 2011.


  • Abu Rawand

    Niron fired Rome, Gazzafi firing Libyia

  • […] Warplanes have been bombing protesters in Tripoli, although a few of the pilots defected rather than massacre crowds of people expressing their discontent. […]

  • BruceEdwards

    As a father, please stop hurting our most precious gifts our children.
    Dictators and their evil brigades must be removed, may your God bless the courage and conviction of those that stand up for a better life for the worlds children.
    Educate children without bias to respect others and life, then we may have a chance to live without fear for the future.
    My thoughts are with them, you are not alone in your struggles.
    The UN needs to get a backbone, all the wrong influences and interests served by a few.
    So much destruction and death, we really are strange breed !!

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