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Iran: More Protests, Another Death (Videos)

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Despite large security presence in major traffic intersections, witnesses say protesters have been gathering [1] since early afternoon and continue to swell in Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Marivan and several other cities on Sunday, February 20. Opposition websites reported that security forces opened fire on protesters in Hafteh Tir Square in Tehran, killing one person. Safari-Ali Baratloo, a security official, accused the websites of reporting lies and denied there were any clashes or a death, the semi-official Fars news agency said.

A poster calling to rally in Iran on Sunday, February 20

A poster calling to rally in Iran on February 20.

A few minutes before joining the demonstration, Divanesara, wrote [2] [fa]:

We grew up for years by this slogan “Blood will overcome the sword” in our schools. Now it is time for us to pass the test…Tthere is confusion among the crowds, they do not know what is the starting point of the demonstration… There will probably be even more people in the streets than on February 14 [3].

Sabz21 writes [4] [fa] that Tehran has been transformed into a military base and that there are security forces are everywhere.

Persiaroyal writes [5] [fa] that Green leaders should transform every day into a nightmare for the regime by calling for protesters to demonstrate.

Etehadesabz writes [6] [fa] that the secret of victory, as Egypt and Tunisia proves, is the people's presence in the streets.

Here are videos showing another day of protest in Tehran and beyond.

Protesters in Tehran chant “After Ben Ali and Mubarak it is Seyed Ali's turn”, referring to Iran's Leader Seyed Ali Khamenei [7] and Tunisia's recently deposed president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali [8].

And here, “Down with the dictator!” in Shiraz: