Bahrain: Crown Prince Calls for Peace on National TV

This post is part of our special coverage of Bahrain Protests 2011.

In midst of the chaos of the shooting of protesters in the capital, Bahrain's Crown Prince Shaikh Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa appeared on a live television program tonight on Bahrain TV at around 6:30 pm local time on Friday 18 February, 2011. Bahrain's Twittersphere live-tweeted his interview.

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ولي العهد دخل استيديو البث الحي في تلفزيون البحرين فجأة ودعى للحوار والتهدئة فورا مع إعطاء ضمان شخصي #Bahrain #feb14

The Crown Prince entered the live studio unannounced and urged for dialogue and calming down the situation and giving a personal guarantee

@SultanAlQassemi Bahrain Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad on Bahrain TV. Hat tip @MunaFakhroo

Bahrain's Crown Prince on Bahrain TV

Bahrain's Crown Prince on Bahrain TV

@mohamedalnoaimi: #Bahrain #Feb14 #14feb سمو ولي العهد: يجب تهدءت الاوضاع من قبل جميع الاطراف ولا يمكن حل مشكلة صارلها سنين وهي تخلق في ساعات قليلة

Crown Prince: Both sides must calm down and problems that have been of years cannot be fixed in a matter of hours


@mahmood CP: everyone talk! right now. do NOT fear anything. #bahrain

Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad on Bahrain TV “It is now the duty of every Sunni & Shia to calm things down for the sake of the country”

CP: these conditions are unprecedented #bahrain

@Ali_Fareed: HRH Sh. Salman: Today Bahrain went divided. Friendships were lost. #Bahrain

CP: I have no specific word to say now other than stop the violence. Let peace prevail and all demands will be met. #Bahrain

Bahrain Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad on Bahrain TV “This is the time to stand with your country, we will now know who is with the country”

CP “Both sides have made mistakes & betrayed #Bahrain”

@LAlOlaimy: “I dont blame Al Wefaq or anyone. Today is the day for dialogue” I love our Crown Prince #Bahrain”

@HamedAlmalki CP: I spent my life serving this country & I give you my word we will start reform dialogue tonight if we go back to quiet

CP: Everybody makes a mistake. No one party is to blame. Halt and let us work together. #Bahrain

HRH Sh. Salman: PPL who are still looking to escalate things are betraying their country #Bahrain


Sh Salman; yes, our development has been slow, otherwise we wouldn't be here. Let's fix it all.

CP: I don't have a sect. I have NO sect. I am Bahraini, Muslim. We are in no need of this, we're not a police state, we fixed ourselves.

HRH Sh. Salman Al Khalifa: Today Bahrain has been divided. People who have been friends for years don't speak to each other. #BahrainTV

Crown prince on BTV saying everyone should calm down from those who throw stones to those who shoot guns #Bahrain

Bahrain Crown Prince Shaikh Salman bin Isa Al-Khalifa

Bahrain Crown Prince Shaikh Salman bin Isa Al-Khalifa

سنة وشيعة. اذا احد عنده حس وطني تعالوا تكلموا. انا عطيت رسالتي والله يحفظ البحرين- ولي العهد

Crown Prince: Shias and Sunnis, those who have sense of nationalism please come and let's talk. I have given you my message and God Bless Bahrain.

Shortly after his appearance, the Bahraini Twittersphere tweeted their reactions. Many were supportive of what was said and others felt sceptical especially as it was aired whilst military were firing at protesters in the capital Manama.

الواضح ان ولي العهد لا يدري بالذي يحصل الان في الدوار.

Clearly he doesn't realize what is going on at the (LuLu) Roundabout

كلمة ولي العهد كانت عند قمع الجيش للمتظاهرين وعندما اخبروه بواسطة ورقة تغيرت الوانه #Bahrain

The Crown Prince was speaking whilst military were shooting protesters, and when he received the news on the paper that was given to him, his colours changed

@nadooi_wish Don't blame him!! RT “@RamiJamal: Crown prince looks really angry on BTV coz of what's happening.”

@hhusaini Cp: whoever has something to say, sunni, shia come tonight to discuss! Any address? #bahrain

@MayMarzooq Crown Prince we trust u #Feb14 #Bahrain

CP's message is as simple as a friend or a teacher trying to break down a school fight. Stop hurting and let's sit down and talk.

@hussakhalid Crown Prince Salman bn Hamad's visit to BTV and honest words shows a sincere man working for the good of this country and Bahrainis #bahrain

@alialsaeed no more dialogue. our very own Army is shooting peaceful, unarmed citizens. people now are ready to die. #Bahrain #Feb14 #lulu

This post is part of our special coverage of Bahrain Protests 2011.


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