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Uganda: Uganda Elections 2011 on Twitter

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This post is part of our special coverage Uganda: Walk to Work Protests [1].

Ugandans will go to the polls tomorrow for presidential and parliamentary elections. The main candidates for the presidential race [2] are President Yoweri Museveni, Dr. Kizza Besigye and Norbert Mao.

Twitter users are busy talking about the elections using the #ugandavotes [3] hashtag.

RedPepperUG tweets [4]:

NEWS: Police deny sending out messages advising people in Kampala to stockpile foodstuffs during election period #Ugandavotes

The future is uncertain [5]:

I can feel the heart beats of Ugandans as we head for uncertainty. No one knows the future of Uganda, after tomorrow. #ugandavotes

No one knows [6] what will happen this weekend:

Everyone we ask about what ia going to happen this weekend says the same thing: I have no idea?! #ugandavotes

People are withdrawing money [7] fearing chaos:

@easyTyzee sadly stuck >bank..pple withdrawing.. scared of chaos, then cowards like @MrKaraIII had to go to village. #ugandavotes

Most people are leaving [8] Kampala:

Just driven thru Kampala from Namanve to Wandegeya, seems like half of Kampalans are out of town #Ugandavotes

The capital city is empty

It seems the exodus has begun. This town is wonderfully empty. #ugandavotes

If people are leaving Kampala, then who will vote there? [9]:

Okay let us say it is true people are indeed fleeing kampala. Does that mean that voter turnout in kamapala will be low? #Ugandavotes

Are people really running away from Kampala?

The whole idea that people are “escaping kampala” is misleading. We forgotten that many people registered to vote upcountry? #Ugandavotes

Wars and rumors of wars

There will be war and rumors of war. #ugandavotes. Industrial Area strike: not election related. Gumisiriza accident: not election related.

Elections come with new bus fares [10]:

Bus fares go up as Ugandans return home to vote. e.g. to Mbarara increased from 30k to 50k, to masindi from 12k-30k #ugandavotes

Send SMS reports to UgandaWatch [11]:

DEMGroup: “People are free to send their messages to 6090, they will not be followed up by anyone other than UgandaWatch.” #ugandavotes

UgandaWatch uses
Ushahidi [12]:

#Ugandan election watch using @Ushahidi crowd sourcing technology ugandawatch2011.org #Uganda #UgandaVotes #Africa #Uganda2011

“Votes market” exists [13]:

Most expensive #election ever. voter bribery key #Uganda election. At dusk votes market will be well workin #Ugandavotes @vote4Africa.

You never know what Uganda will do next [14]:

Uganda is like that guy who's high for the very first time…YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE'S GOING TO DO NEXT!#ugandavotes

Two people die [15] from election-related violence:

.@UgInsomniac info we have is that 2 people died in clashes b/w Gumi + Kyooma supporters, situation still v tense #ugandavotes

Another incident

Uganda MP just shot an opposition candidates supporter #ugandavotes

Follow @rbaguma: [16]

Follow Raymond Baguma (@rbaguma). He will have updates from Kiruhura where the president will be casting his vote.

Museveni's ringtone [17]:

Speaking of Elections. I just heard that Museveni's ringtone when Besigye calls him is NO LOVE by Eminem. #Ugandavotes

Government should not block communication [18]:

DEMGroup: “We condemn any plan to block communication, that is not democracy and we condemn it in the strongest terms” #ugandavotes

Uganda is not like Egypt [19]:

M7 [Museveni]: ‘I am the biggest enemy of dictators’. Rejects all comparison with Egypt, Tunisia #ugandavotes

Will Uganda pay the price for ignoring the poor? [20]:

How else do you explain the Egypt situation, 100 times richer than Uganda? they ignored the ‘other citizens’ and paid the price #Ugandavotes

Pray for Uganda [21]:

Pray for my beloved homeland Uganda. I hope all remains peaceful and calm as we exercise our right to democracy tomorrow. #UgandaVotes

This post is part of our special coverage Uganda: Walk to Work Protests [1].