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Bahrain: Chilling Accounts from Witnesses to Pearl ‘Massacre’

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This post is part of our special coverage of Bahrain Protests 2011 [1].

Horrific accounts of the barbaric pre-dawn raid [2] in Bahraini capital Manama, in which protesters were dispersed by security forces from the Pearl Roundabout where they had set up camp to press for demands, continue to emerge, as Bahrainis and the rest of the world try to come to terms with what hit them.

Here are some reactions from Twitter on the latest from Bahrain:

@emoodz [3]: This regime is using its military against it's own people, does the world hear our cries? #bahrain #feb14 #lulu

@aalman81 [4]: We all are.. “@ehsankooheji: I'm crying…”

@BaghdadBrian [5]: A massacre in #Bahrain and the army forces are everywhere, 5 victims no ambulances, help, help, help audio: http://bit.ly/fe0LrE. #feb14

[6]@awa9999 [7]: First aid staff beaten while offering first aid this morning http://yfrog.com/hsq1aylj #bahrain #feb14

@maryamalkhawaja [8]: Paramedics: “we removed injured while they were being beaten by riot police who said they had orders to do so” #bahrain #feb14

@NickKristof [9]: Abt 10 ambulance paramedics attacked by #Bahrain police. I interviewed them, saw their injuries.

@NickKristof [10]: 1 #Bahrain ambulance driver told me #Saudi army officer held gun to his head, said wld kill him if helped injured.

@Dr_Murtadha [11]: An Urgebt call to the people of the motherland and.. please head to the Bank of blood for blood donation #Bahrain #feb14 #lulu

@Nabeelrajab [12]: some pictures of today that you can use http://goo.gl/9o1CX #feb14 #bahrain

@yslaise [13]: Instead of name calling.. U should pray 2 those who have died & donate blood 2 those who has been injured #14Feb #Bahrain

@aalman81 [14]: We will wait for the detailed footage of what happened today to make our judgment as journalists and analysts. #Bahrain

@saralicious [15]: Love it how Bahrain TV is showing nothing of what is going on in the country. #Bahrain #Feb14

@MohammadAlameer [16]

حقاً انه لأمر عجيب اشخاص كانوا بالامس انصارا لمصر وتونس واليوم يجرمون افعال اهل البحرين مالكم كيف تحكمون #lulu #bahrain # 14feb #feb14
It is really surprising that those who were supportive of Egypt and Tunisia yesterday and now criminalising the actions of the people of Bahrain. What is wrong with you? How do you judge things?

@EssaEsam [17]: The amount of hatred I see is unbelievable. Where did the real Bahrainis go? #Bahrain #Feb14

@HussaKhalid [18]: @ytaima please keep your foreign ideas and thoughts out of Bahrain. Long live King Hamad. #Bahrain #feb14

This post is part of our special coverage of Bahrain Protests 2011 [1].