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Iran: “Al Jazeera, Please Cover Iran as you did in Egypt”

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Egypt, Iran, Digital Activism, Freedom of Speech, Media & Journalism, Protest

As Iranian cyber activists flooded into the virtual world [1]to encourage an officially banned mass demonstration on 14 February (25 Bahman) in the name of the Egyptian and Tunisian peoples, a Facebook page has been launched [2] to encourage Al Jazeera to cover the event.

[2]There is an image on this Facebook page that says “Al Jazeera please cover Iran as you did in Egypt”. The page has attracted more than 3500 fans so far.

Semohos writes [3] [fa]:

Dictators are like dogs if we run away they will bite us, but if we attack them, they will run away. From Monday we will all attack together until victory.

Afkar Sabz writes [4] [fa]:

Two days until the demonstration, we should go to rooftops and chant Allaho Akbar (God is Great) and encourage our family members and friends to join the demonstration on Monday.

This video on YouTube shows Iranians chanting “Allaho Akbar” in Tajrish, Tehran last night.