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Egypt: Reasons Mubarak is Late!

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011.

Mubarak is expected to address the nation tonight – and the time of the expected speech just keeps moving back. Fed up of waiting, tweeps are killing time, and keeping us all entertained.

Here are a sample of tweets from #ReasonsMubarakIsLate:

@3arabawy: The hashtag #ReasonsMubarakIsLate is hilarious! :D

@SeifSalama: Downloading Skype. #ReasonsMubarakIsLate

@KABOBfest: You think it's easy packing gold bullion bars into vintage Louis Vuitton luggage? #ReasonsMubarakIsLate

@ntorki: #ReasonsMubarakIsLate waiting for the tourism visa for Dubai to be issued

@TheSherio: #ReasonsMubarakIsLate still emotionally traumatized that Tamer Hosni got beaten

@Heebzo: Calling ghonem to negotiate.. But he keeps cancelling the calls? #ReasonsMubarakIsLATE

@lucyhiggsUK: #ReasonsMubarakIsLate Lost his passport!!! #mubarak

@TheDizzAR: Surprised by State TV view of Tahrir! #ReasonsMubarakIsLate

@omargodeh: #ReasonsMubarakIsLate he's waiting for a Saudi visa

@PVVVenlo: The swiss bank is closed #ReasonsMubarakIsLate

@lehan: Because his staff, servants and pets wont mummify themselves #ReasonsMubarakIsLate

@Eyousry: He's checking the new hash-tag #ReasonsMubarakIsLate

@kmokhtar: Crying to Dr. Phil. #ReasonsMubarakIsLate

@Ned_MzH: Mubarak, like everyone else is glued to Al Jazeera #reasonsMubarakisLate #Egypt #jan25

@ThundarKitteh: Getting his hair done. #ReasonsMubarakIsLate

@Kawdess: #ReasonsMubarakIsLate making sure his phone's profile is set to Silent

@BrindisMom: He's waiting for his KFC meal #ReasonsMubarakIsLate

@khalawa69: Gamal broke curfew, he is punishing him #ReasonsMubarakIsLate

@dobror: Watching Seinfeld thinking “it is not a lie if you believe it” #ReasonsMubarakIsLate

@iDiplomacy: Police mistook him for a journalist and he's locked up in prison #reasonsmubarakislate

@LSal92: #ReasonsMubarakIsLate He's rounding up Abbas, King Abdullah & Saudi king for a sleep over at Obama's.

@ANaderGretly: #ReasonsMubarakIsLate He's also waiting for Mubarak's speech.

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011.

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