Egypt: Peaceful Protests to Continue Until Demands are Met

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011.

Angry, confused and still insisting on calling for their demands in a peaceful manner, protesters across Egypt continue to in their demonstrations for the overthrow of the regime.

Mubarak's speech earlier tonight did just what his previous television appearance did – rally the crowds and unite them under one banner: calling for an end of his 30-year rule and that of his regime.

The mood on Twitter made a U-turn after a much anticipated speech, which resulted in even more confusion. From jokes on #ReasonsMubarakIsLate, revolution is back in the air, with groups of protesters surrounding the Egyptian State Television Building and Information Ministry, and other marching to the Presidential Palace.

Despite the angry tone, protesters vow to stay away from violence, replying that it was the government which unleashed its paid thugs on them.

Here's a snippet from the conversation on Twitter:

@ElBaradei: Egypt will explode. Army must save the country now

@NevineZaki: all hell has broken loose

@amgadmakarem: Rising our shoes in the air was only a response to ur speech but not our reaction. Peace is our 1st card, but u ran out of cards #JAN25

@hebaelkayal: Let's not lose the respect & credibility we've gained by turning violent, kill them w/ peace #jan25 #Egypt

@Ms_Hala: Protesters maintaining the peace despite their extreme anger over pathetic speeches back to back!! #Egypt #Jan25 #ArabRevolt #fb

@Alshaheeed: Peaceful. Peaceful. All the way. No other option. #Jan25 #Egypt

@monasosh: Stop telling us to keep it peaceful, we have always been peaceful & we r remaining peaceful. Any violence will be from Mubarak's ppl #Jan25

@srfahmy: #Military, every1 is counting on u 2 maintain the peace. Make the right choice & protect the people! Side with them. #Egypt #jan25 #Tahrir

@Ssirgany: I truly want to understand Mubarak said, but even our ambassador to US on CNN is being vague about the “delegation/transfer” of power #jan25

@Alshaheeed: #Egypt Protesters will only surround the palace and the TV building. No one will be violent #Jan25

@3arabawy: Thousands r now heading to the State TV building. #Jan25

@monasosh: Infront of the TV building, we need more ppl COME AND JOIN US #Jan25

@arwaCNN: Human chain of soldiers infront of #egypt tv/min of info bldg, 100s protesters chanting out mubarak #jan25

@NevineZaki: well, ppl are furious, they re heading to TV bldg, which has been evacuated earlier. And they have formed a ring around it

@alaa: We never start violence, the idea is to disable state tv but our numbers not big enough yet and building heavily baricaded #Jan25

@pakinamamer: Still in #Tahrir. Crowds are marginally less but there are thousands still, all offended by Mubarak's defiance of their legit demands #Jan25

@pakinamamer: Here is the latest picture from #Tahrir. #Jan25 #Egypt

@emoodz: He dug his own grave.. It doesn't look like it'll be pretty..

@SultanAlQassemi: I don't expect less than 10 million protesters on the streets of Egypt tomorrow.

@CarlosLatuff: (Cartoon) #Mubarak got the chair, Egyptian people got the POWER! #Jan25 #Egypt

@algergawi: Dear Egyptians, it seems that the old man won't go until all 85 million of you take to the streets. Bring everyone tomorrow. #Jan25

@tarawnah: #mubarak no diff than Arab leaders who always insult intelligence of youth, Even after millions take 2 streets for 18 days. #jan25 #egypt

@AmoonaE: I don't think it's smart to wait till tmrw for the big protests. Just go NOW, march NOW! They said he'll leave today? MAKE IT HAPPEN! #Jan25

@bb_aisha: People held up shoes during Mubarak's speech.After,some cried,most were just angry & disappointed.Fri's a big day, they say #fb

Massive protests are expected tomorrow, Friday, across Egypt after the noon prayers.

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011.

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