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Egypt: Tahrir Square Calm Once Again

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This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011 [1].

After violence from pro-Mubarak forces on February 2 and 3, the atmosphere in Tahrir Square calmed once again on February 4, a day referred to by protesters as the “Day of Departure.”  Though Mubarak did not in fact step down on Friday, Twitter users in Cairo reveled in the regained feeling of positivity in the Square.

@BloggerSeif [2] noted that:

Tahrir feels much safer than yesterday, and definitely safer than the day before #jan25

@NadiaE [3] also reported on the feeling of safety:

In tahrir. Peaceful walk along corniche. Barbed wire blocks entrance. Very long lines to get in. Stringent searches and IDcheck #egypt

@ElFoulio [4] reported:

Ok I'm finally in #Tahrir square, a lot of ppl for this time of day with thousands queuing outside, positive vibes all arnd

Al Jazeera's @AymanM [5] acknowledged the change too:

Festive and Celebratory atmosphere that marked the days of the protest b4 Pro-mubarak peeps attacked is back in #tahrir #feb4 #jan25

@NadiaE [6] noted that journalists had returned to the square, despite a ban:

I can see some foreign journos with video cams. So glad they made it in and r safe #egypt

Writer @ianinegypt [7] noted that journalists felt welcome in Tahrir Square:

Tahrir Square is like a “green zone” for journalists. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. #egypt #jan25

He also noted [8]:

A stream of people continue to enter Tahrir. Reports that groups are still looking for foreign journalists. #jan25 #egypt

@Dima_Khatib [9], reporting from afar, noted that journalists were still at risk:

Oh forgot to say: They banned coverage of Tahrir Square.. cameras out ! And Al Jazeera Arabic still banned altogether. No reporters #jan25

Journalist Lara Setrakian tweeted [10] from the Square:

Helicopters flying VERY low over Tahrir Square. Chants of ‘Mubarak go, Saudi Arabia is waiting for you.’ Some swap that with Tel Aviv #Jan25

She added [11]:

New chant in Tahrir Square: ‘change, strength, nationalism, and justice.’ #Cairo #Egypt #Jan25


Observer @asteris [13] watched the demonstrations from afar in Greece, sharing the above image:

“Day of Departure”: @AJEnglish live from Tahrir Sq, Cairo #Egypt http://twitpic.com/3wbxve

Another Greek Twitter user, @elentelon [14], shared his wish for Egypt:

Σήμερα είναι η μέρα που θα πέσει ο Μουμπάρακ! #Egypt #Wish

Today is the day of Mubarak's fall #Egypt #Wish

In an homage to Egyptian bloggers, @justimage [15] praised activist and Twitter user Mona Seif:

Follow @monasosh [16], w/out the steadfastness of Egyptian activists/bloggers like her over the years today would not be possible #Egypt #jan25

And for her part, @monasosh [17] shared her thoughts too:

Entrance 2 square is safe. Ppl r chanting,dreaming of a safe country 4 all of us. Come & join us win our country back #Jan25