Egypt: Is Amr Moussa an Acceptable Alternative to Mubarak?

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011.

Amr Moussa's interest in becoming Egypt's next President has drawn a range of reactions, as Egyptians continue to call upon Hosni Mubarak to resign for the 12th day in a row.

Yesterday, Moussa, a former Mubarak loyalist and secretary-general of the Cairo-based Arab League, paid a visit to the protesters at Tahrir Square, in a show of solidarity.

While some welcomed him with open arms, others wondered why should someone who has worked so closely with the regime be accepted as an alternative to Mubarak.

Following are some of the reactions from Twitter:

@bbcbreaking: Secretary General of Arab League Amr Moussa attending protest in Cairo's Tahrir Square

@3arabawy: Why do people think Amr Moussa is a respectable figure that we can negotiate with? He's NOT! He's always been loyal to the regime. #Jan25

@hibaalali: Neutral figure 2 bridge gap between #Egypt & US/Israel contrasting demands needed. ElBaradei or Amr Moussa w/latter more acceptable #Jan25

@BassieAhmad: #Amr #Moussa would be a great President of #Egypt. God bless Amr Moussa #JAN25

@SuadHani: <3 that Amr Moussa is taking on a role, <3 the people who made change possible, <3 Egyptians, <3 the Revolution! #jan25

@imunroe: Amr Moussa as the next #Egypt leader makes perfect sense — replacing one inert leader with the head of equally immobile Arab League

@: Amr Moussa is in #tahrir square now, he's already trending on twitter #egypt

@breezeblessings: Amr Moussa has a very strong record with great impact and amazing work… Wait, what? #StrongSarcasm #Fail

@kareemelmasry: It will take Amr Moussa more than fiery words and cliches to lead a great nation like #egypt. Like @alhattlan said: stay home. #jan25

@Falasteeni: Western media keep saying Amr Moussa is very popular amongst Egyptians…I doubt I wrong? #jan25

@AymanHAK: Am warming up to the Amr Moussa option for Egypt- A Pragmatist & nationalist who commands the respect of his people& is tested as politician

@NasseRibnHamad: @hussain_info @khalidalkhalifa @Zeinobia Amr Moussa is a late comer,an opportunist.Where was he just few weeks or few days ago ? #Jan25

@etharkamal: Everyone is an opportunist, seeing how they can capitalise on what's happening in Egypt. *cough* @ElBaradei *cough* Amr Moussa #egypt #jan25

@sarahasseel: Democratic Elections: Ppl voting for Amr Moussa, others for Baradei, or Ayman N., or whoever else comes up! never a 99% for anyone anymore!

@SarraMoneir: So now the question is: if we want non-military president so amr moussa? baradei? is that a wise comparison?

@srichani: what was Amr Moussa doing in Tahrir midan today?was reminded of that fish which attaches itself to a a parasite.#jan25 #egypt

@De7mee_: The future of Egypt lies within its youth not the 70yr-old politicians (amr moussa & Elbarradie) #egypt #jan25 #tahrir

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011.

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  • I believe no one has to elect again in the upcoming government. What is wrong is wrong.

    People are looking for change? Change to better life.Those who were working with Mubarak share the same responsibility as Mubarak. Mubarak is only one person.

    As far as I know Moussa secretary general of Arab League is 74 years,it is time for retirment. Those people at this age are not looking for some peace.

    Now it is time to give young the opportunity to participate in political life.

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