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Egypt: Five Killed in Tahrir Square as Egyptians Day 10 Protests Begin

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This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011 [1].

Anti-Mubarak demonstrations are continuing for the 10th day across Egypt, with harrowing reports of death and injuries coming out of Cairo's Tahrir Square, where government-paid thugs clashed with protesters all night.

Tahrir Square, the epicentre of a million-man peaceful demonstration before yesterday, which was attended by around 3 million marchers, is now being described as a battlefield. A makeshift medical centre has been set up, with doctors and nurses volunteering to treat the injured, as demonstrators vow to remain in their positions until Mubarak leaves.

@TravellerW is in Tahrir Square and tweets [2]:

Walking through the tahrir battlefield. Number of injuries staggering. Morale impressively high. It really is “La Resistance”! #Egypt #jan25

Here are more reactions from earlier today. Will be translating all the Arabic in a few minutes. Please come back.

@adamakary [3]: Shooting continues in tahrir, cars turning back on the oct 6 bridge, can't believe how much this place has turned into a war zone

@EhCherif [4]:

رصاص حي من قناصة قتل 5عزل علي الاقل..شوفتي سفالة اكتر من كده؟ JustAmira@
Live shots fired by snipers who killed five unarmed protesters until now. Have you seen more (inhumanity) than this?

@manal [5]: After last night brutal battles where many fell dead, we welcomed the new day with this chant: The ppl want to prosecute the murderer #jan25

@AnasAlaoui [6]: A heart breaking interview — Mona Seif, Egyptian Activist from inside Tahrir Square http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSBJwsjakcg

@alaa [7]: eating and resting away from tahrir square, the gunman is still loose shooting at the revolutionaries, 5 by gunshots so far. #Jan25

@Dima_Khatib [8]: Doctor on Tahrir Square was just on air on Al Jazeera, he couldn't help himself. Was sobbing non stop ! #jan25 #egypt

@AzizaSami [9]: Mubarak did not wage a single war,unlike Nasser or Sadat,since he is a man wth no political vision & no enemy -except his own people #Egypt

@moneimpress [10]

إلي اعلامي التلفزيون المصري أن تدعمون شخص طاغية مصيره الرحيل ..انحازوا الي الشهب سريعا لن نحاسبكم #egypt #tahrir #jan25 #mubarak
To the Egyptian media: Stop supporting a tyrant who is on his way out. Side with the people fast. We will not hold you accountable (for siding with Mubarak)

@IAbuhesham [11]:

الجرحى في ميدان التحرير يرفضون ركوب الإسعاف ويصرون بأن يكون العلاج في الميدان حتى لا يتركوا الميدان لأنهم يؤمنون إيمانا بأنهم في رباط مقدس
Those injured in Tahrir Square are refusing to leave in the ambulances and are insisting that they remain at the square. They believe this is a sacred bode.

@deena_adel [12]: #Egypt Blood donations needed. If you can, please stop by Resala locations in Maadi, Mohandessin & Heliopolis (10am-3pm) or call 0147872160

@ya7you7 [13]: @JustAmira Some people r arranging Et3am for 4000 families who r running out of food. Call Mostafa 0103778585, Marwa 0100057579… Cont.

@ya7you7 [14]: @JustAmira Cont for Et3am,,, Aya 0107030903, Dina 0123337815. Pls spread. #Egypt #jan25

@khazelton [15]: CNN's Ben Wedeman [the violence against the protesters] “is state-sponsored” #jan25 #Egypt

@habibh [16]: Wow! Powerful confession “Police offered me money to join pro Mubarak Protests” http://t.co/H88C1Br via @aliveinegypt RT @speak2tweet

@weddady [17]: RT @bencnn: Heard in Cairo “#Egypt military may replace the president, but will never replace the regime,never accept civilian rule” #Jan25

@Firas_Atraqchi [18]: Day 10 and am no less horrified by what is unfolding in #egypt #cairo #jan25

@shmpOngO [19]:

كل العرب مسلمين ومسيحيين سنة وشيعة بروتوستانت وأرمن وأرثوزوكس قوموا صلوا وادعوا لربنا يحمي الناس اللي في التحرير #JAN25
All the Arabs, Muslims and Christians, Sunni and Shia, Protestant, Armen and Orthodox, get up and pray. Ask God to protect those in Tahrir Square.

@H_Eid [20]: Today u have seen more than three hundred person with a head injuries and broken arms those thugs we there to kill

@TrellaLB [21]: HELP US GIVE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE FOR THE WOUNDED IN #Egypt – please check www.stop404.org

@kimo79 [22]: This is a revolution for all Arabs as much as it is for the Egyptian people. We should take the streets tomorrow wherever we are. #jan25

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011 [1].