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Sudan: Tweeting #SudanJan30

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Using the social networking site Facebook [1], Sudanese students called for a street demonstration [2] on January 30 to protest against the government of Omar al-Bashir. The protests have claimed the life [3] of Mohammed Abdulrahman, a student at the Ahaliya University. This is our latest roundup of #SudanJan30 [4] tweets.

@MissTaha asks [5]:

@simsimt Any protests today in Khartoum? #SudanJan30

@simsimt replies [6]:

@MissTaha I'm not sure. There's supposed to be a more organized one in 3rd February.

@BreathingPsyAir asks [7] world leaders to stay out of #SudanJan30:

#Sudan needs thick-skinned #Bashir but also stability – they do not need a walk-all-over, so World Leaders plz stay out of this #SudanJan30

@simsimt tweets: [8]

By the death of one student in yesterday's protests matters will begin to escalate, and history might once again prove many to be wrong.

@bechamilton [9]:

Names of those known to have been arrested in #SudanJan30 protests today now posted at: http://www.hurriyatsudan.com/?p=12098

@alunmcdonald [10]:

#SudanJan30 #RIP Mohammed Abdelrahman, student at the Ahlia University protests, died during the night

@BreathingPsyAir thinks [11] Sudan should not be compared with Egypt or Tunisia:

Annoyed with #Sudan comparisons- reasons/motives are different from #Egypt + #Tunisia- Not remove #Bashir, Change System #SudanJan30 #Jan

A video link from @SudanGuardian [12]:

VIDEO: More Clips from Sudan Protest in Jackson Square Please Hash all news to #SudanJan30 http://me.lt/3Tff6

@elzubeir asks [13]:

Is it true that the organizer of the #SudanJan30 is daughter of a newspaper editor who was arrested before the protest began?

@MissTaha [14]

http://tiny.cc/5qbw2 – Making Sense of Sudan: “Tunis, Egypt—is Sudan Next?” #25Jan #Egypt #SudanJan30

@SarraGrira [15]

France24 journalist looking for people who've been in Khartoum demonstrations yesterday sgrira@france24.com #sudanjan30

@alunmcdonald [16]:

Usually opposition and editors get arrested. Today it's their sons & daughters http://yhoo.it/hhi7Qf #SudanJan30

@simsimt [17]:

A long phone call with a well-educated friend. He dropped the bomb that we are not ready yet for change because of our ‘lack of education’.

Visit Jan30Sudan [18], a project for mapping the protests online.