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Saudi Arabia: Netizens Support Egyptians in their Uprising

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This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011 [1].

Saudi Arabia's netizens are lending their support to Egyptians in their uprising against president Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule.

Many are watching, reporting on and reacting to the developments on the ground, as massive protests demanding a change in the regime enter their seventh day.

On Twitter, some were directing their tweets to Mubarak.

@balooot [2] is asking Mubarak to give up:

هالحين مبارك وينه..؟..اذا بالقصر الشعب كله يروح هناك ويسحبونه مع اذانه..تراه اقلقنا هالنتفه نبي نشوف شغلنا..ورانا حاكم عربي ثاني مافيه وقت
Where's Mubarak now? If he's in his palace, the entire nation should go and pull him out from his ears. He has been a pain in the neck. We have other work to do and another Arab dictator to crush. There is hardly any time.

@GhadaOclock [3] analyzed Mubarak's relationship with Israel:

“My enemy's enemy is my friend” pretty much sums up Israel's relationship with #Mubarak.

@Mubarak_A [4] is wondering about Mubarak's common sense:

ودي أزهم على حسني مبارك و أقول له : نبو أمك ما تفهم؟ #jan25 #Egypt
I'd like to call Hosni Mubarak and ask him: Don't you get it?

@Nejer [5] is advising Mubarak:

ياحسني يامسكين، أهرب من مصر والله الأمريكان ماراح ينفعوك، أهرب قبل ما يسحل الشارع الذي يغلي جثتك في ميدان التحرير #egypt #jan25
Poor Hosni, escape Egypt, the Americans won't be on your side, run before they boil your body in Tahrir Square

@mutairy [6] is justifying Mubarak's act:

Hosni just doesn't want to let go!! He got backing from the US, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and others!!! #egypt

On the other hand, other tweeps is analyzing this people's uprising.
@alfarhan [7] is comparing it with the earlier Iranian one:

هل نظام مبارك يستخدم منذ بدء الثورة خطة مشابهة لخطة النظام الإيراني الذي استوعب وأخمد الثورة الخضراء بنجاح؟ #Jan25
Is Mubarak's regime using similar techniques used by the Iranian regime, which put out the Green Revolution successfully?

@Al_buluwi [8] is warning countrird which are siding with Mubarak's:

الدول التي تقف مع نظام مبارك وهو في طريقه للانهيار سوف تجني عدواة الشعب المصري في قادم الاعوام
Countries who are on Mubarak's side, while he is on its way to break down, will reap the wrath of the Egyptian people in the coming years

@Dr_MMeccawy [9] is praising the Tunisian and Egyptian nations:

.الشعبان التونسي والمصري استطعا القيام بكل هذا لأن توحدهما في حب وطنيهما أقوى من أية اختلافات بينهم ..صورة للطائفيين والمناطقيين والعنصريين
Tunisian and Egyptian peoples could do all this because their unity in loving their countries is stronger than any differences between them .. something for the sectarians and racists to consider

@Mashi9a7 [10] is asking people to give support:

أقل ما تقدمه لتضحية الشعب المصري كتابة تويتات تضامنية ،، قلوبنا معكم #Egypt #Jan25 #FreeEgypt
The least you can do for our brothers in Egypt is support with tweets. Our hearts are with you

@essamz [11] expresses his happiness:

حجم سعادتي بما يحدث في مصر… يوازي حجم حزني في يوم سقوط بغداد. يارب يتمم على خير #jan25
My happiness with what is happening in Egypt is equivalent to my sorrow on the day Baghdad fell. May this end well

He also adds:

@essamz [12]
الثورة المصرية تنضج… والحصاد قريب… قريب جدا… #jan25
The Egyptian revolution is maturing and the fruit will be reaped soon, very soon

@anuaim [13] is hoping:

امس تونس و اليوم مصر و عقبال عندكم يالشعوب العربيه #jan25 #egypt #Sudan #syria #saudi #Yemen #algeria #libia
Yesterday Tunisia, today Egypt, tomorrow the rest of the Arabic countries #egypt #Sudan #syria #saudi #Yemen #algeria #libya

And finally @Mashi9a7 [14] is smelling something:

عبق الحرية يفوح بالأجواء #Egypt #Jan25 #FreeEgypt

The scent of freedom is in the air

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011 [1].