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Maldives: In Solidarity with Egypt

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This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011 [1].

The ongoing protests in Egypt have ‘electrified’ netziens in the Maldives. The fascination with the current phenomenon in Egypt transcends all geographical borders but in the Maldives there is a special significance as it brings back flashbacks of pro-democracy protests held only a few years ago to bring democracy to the Indian Ocean island nation.

Blogger Yaamyn writes [2]:

I'm electrified by Tunisia and Egypt (and Yemen, Jordan and Algeria).

My faith that no matter how bleak and hopeless things seem, people can change their own plight and chart their own destiny, is once again reaffirmed.

Expired. [3]

Expired. Image from http://maldivesvotes.com/egypt/

Hilath urges [4] President Nasheed of Maldives to say some words of encouragement to Egyptian protesters:

Perhaps it is the right time for President Nasheed himself to “put in a good word” so that our brothers and sisters in Egypt will not slaughter [5] each other to the “last man standing”, and instead, like the Maldives, whom they must have read about in their “international news” section of their national newspapers, will be encouraged to come to the realization that they too can — can make a peaceful transition to real democracy and not the kind of fake democracy that Maumoon and Hosni Mubarak have been projecting for almost 30 years.

Mubarak needs to step down immediately and peacefully. 29 years is more than enough!

This is Egyptian President Mubarak’s 30th year in power and Maldivians are drawing parallels between Mubarak’s rule and the 30-year-old dictatorship in Maldives that ended in 2008.

Firax tweets [6]:

One Just Can't Help But Draw the Parallels Between the Events Unfolding in #Egypt [7] & the End of the Heavy Handed 30 Year Rule of #Maldives [8]

AdduHaanee says [9]:

30 is the magic number. That's when we face mid-life crisis. That's when dictators meet with their crises #Egypt [7] #Maldives [8]

Mashafeeg tweets [10]:

Enough is enough, 29 years is more than enough #Egypt [7]

29 years is more than enough [11]

29 years is more than enough. Image from http://www.maldivesvotes.com/egypt

Firaxadds [12]:

MUBARAK: I'm the Father of Democracy, I Only Let Them Protest http://t.co/ejCmd1N [13] Sound Familiar??? #egypt [14] #maldives [15] #jan25 [16]

MaldivesVotes.com, a website which posted several images campaigning for democracy in the run up to the presidential election of Maldives in 2008, has created a special page for Egypt [17]. It has posted images of posters, wallpapers, and display pictures that can be used to show solidarity with the protesters in Egypt.

There is hope beyond barbed wires. [18]

There is hope beyond barbed wires. Image from http://www.maldivesvotes.com/egypt/

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011 [1].