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Egypt: El Baradei – Protesters’ Friend or Foe?

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This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011 [1].

Egyptian opposition figure Dr Mohamed El Baradei [2] paid a short visit to thousands of anti-Mubarak protesters, camped at Tahrir Square in Cairo, a few minutes ago.

Following is the buzz the visit generated:

@Mme_Bavarde RT [3]@sharifkouddous [4]: Baradei seen as non-corrupt, is respected. But he lived away too long, didn't join earlier protests & this revolt was done w/o his help

@sharifkouddous [4] People handing out bread to each other. Sitting and chanting. Waiting for Baradei. #Egypt [5]

@mikeedwards606 [6] RT @parvezsharma [7]: SO TRUE! @gharbeia [8] Tahrir sq #Baradei [9] isn't addressing people but journalists while most people are praying in a different direction #Jan25 [10]

@tameryaza [11] the nightmare of #Mubarak [12] , Mohamad El-Baradei joined demonstrators this evening in the “Liberation square” … #egypt [13] #tunisia [14] #turkey [15] #usa [16]


@sultanalqassemi: El Baradei arrives in Meydan Tahrir. Page grab Al Arabiya http://yfrog.com/h81yiyj http://yfrog.com/gznmqtzj

@Dima_Khatib [18] Al Baradei is reported to be already leaving Tahrir Square, or may have already left.. his point is? A cordial visit? #egypt [13] #cairo [19] #jan25 [20]

@whisper1111 [21] RT @jeremyscahill [22]: Whoa RT @sharifkouddous [4] People saying Baradei fainted or something and went home. People standing up and leaving disappointed. #Egypt [5]

@FromJoanne [23] RT @parvezsharma [7]: Before I take a break. Ponder this pls. #Baradei [9] is always more interested in talking w/Western journos not people of #Egypt [5] #Jan25 [10]

@Nashmiyya [24] RT @lo2lu2a [25]: #Baradei [9] 2 protesters: “We r in an new era” “What we have begun can't turn back”. Is he hijacking it & appointing himself as leader? #egypt [13]

@Shugsss [26]RT @IAmTheStarchild [27]: @shugsss [28] Baradei is a clown trying to jack the revolution. That's all that needs to be known. ;)

@NooRSR [29] RT @mzaher [30]: btw, El Baradei has an official twitter account @elbaradei [31]. #justsaying [32] #Egypt [5] #Jan25 [10]

@SocialistViews [33] El-Baradei's history is of a moderate who's been against direct confrontation with the #Mubarak [12] regime http://socwrk.org/9333 [34] #p2 [35] #jan25 [20]

@EvilLolly [36]: Its just my opinion lol, but i have doubts about Baradei The question everyone shd be asking is what has he done to deserve to lead?!

@0ssarian42 [37] RT @syrianews [38]: Baradei is a gift to mubarak-he's dividing opposition RT @Sandmonkey [39]: left protest shortly after baradei joined, thousands still there

@ruwaisreviews [40]RT @EhabZ [41]: Once the Pharaoh falls, El-Baradei should serve as a temporary interim leader, and give way to elections in the very near future.

@oasanchez [42] RT @democracynow [43]: RT @sharifkouddous [4]: Some want Baradei to be in type of transitional gov't. Feelings are mixed.

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011 [1].