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Egypt in Photographs: From the Streets of Cairo

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Egypt, Digital Activism, Human Rights, Protest

Egyptian human rights activist and Global Voices Advocacy contributor [1] Ramy Raoof has been, like many Egyptian protestors, online only sporadically over the past few days.  When online, Raoof has uploaded photos taken on the streets of Cairo: photographs of the demonstrations, of street graffiti, and of soldiers, showing the world the view from the street.

Today, as Raoof was back online briefly, he tweeted [2] a set of new photographs, urging followers to share them with the world:

i uploaded pictures from the demonstration taking place in Downtown Cairo now, view them here http://bit.ly/axeJsg #jan25 #egypt plz spread [3]

Ramy Raoof tweets photos to the world

The following are photographs taken by Ramy Raoof on January 28 and 29 and posted to Flickr [4]. Captions are photographer's own.


Down with Mubarak..Freedom


Army Truck and Soldiers in Tahrir Square, Cairo


Demonstrators on Army Truck in Tahrir Square, Cairo


28 January Demo in Cairo

All photos by Ramy Raoof [4], made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License [9]