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Egypt: Demonstrations Continue for Fifth Day

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This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011 [1].

Widespread demonstrations continue to rock Egypt for the fifth day in a row, as netizens around the world continue to closely watch developments on the ground. Reports say the millions of demonstrators are taking to the streets to protest against president Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule.

With the Internet still shut [2]in Egypt, the conversation on Twitter relies on users commenting and relaying what they hear on the news. Glued to news channels, news is exchanged in a series of tweets and retweets, by Twitter users worldwide.

Support for Egyptians continues to pour in, as figures of deaths and casualties are revealed. Here is a round up of some of the Twitter messages from a few minutes ago:

From Bahrain, Hussain tweets [3]:

RT @Melshamy: AlJazeera : 50 000 protesters in Tahrir Square #Jan25 #Jan28 #Egypt #Tahreer #Cairo

Saudi Hussain Al Mustafa adds [4] (Ar):

مراسل الجزيرة: ملايين المصريين يتظاهرون في مختلف مدن وشوارع
Al Jazeera correspondent: “Millions of Egyptians across all towns and cities of Egypt chanting”

From the UAE, Sultan Al Qassemi continues to pay attention [5] to the reaction of the crowds to the army deployed on the streets:


See page grab from Al Arabiya of Egyptian protesters shaking hands with army officers http://yfrog.com/h3sonucj http://yfrog.com/gzf5zdvj

And Abdu, from Qatar, adds [7]:

Egyptian army reaffirms their resolve not to use force but they warn of a security void. #egypt [8] #jan25 [9]

Reports of deaths and casualties continue to pour in. @shmpOngO prays [10] (Ar):

ان شاء الله فبراير مش هايجي عليك هنا يا وسخ #jan25 بحق زهرة شباب مصر اللي مكملوش عشرين سنة و اتقتلوا
“By the will of God, (the regime will fall) by February. In the name of the best of Egyptian youth who have lost their lives before reaching their 20th birthdays!”

Dima Al Khatib continues to monitor [11] the situation (Ar):

مصادر طبية للجزيرة: 5 قتلى في مدينة دمنهور حيث تتعامل الشرطة بعنف مع المتظاهرين ، وصدامات عنيفة في الاسماعيلية
“Medical sources tell Al Jazeera that five people have been killed Damanhor, where the police is dealing violently with the protesters. And violent clashes reported in Al Ismailia.”

Others are questioning what they hear on the news and are waiting confirmation online. Lebanese Anton Issa asks [12]:

Al Jazeera Arabic reporting that Mubarak's police killing political prisoners in the prisons! Can this be confirmed? #Jan25 #Egypt

And the warnings for Arab regimes which do not uphold human rights continue [13]:

The old men who rule #Arab world are panicking as they watch one of their own come down. You are ALL next. Ur people will ensure it #Jan25

Saudi Mashi 9a7 quips [14] in Arabic: “Oh Egyptian! You don't only shake Mubarak's throne. You are shaking the thrones of all the tyrants.” His tweet was retweeted several times:

RT @n0uri: RT @alfarhan: RT @Mashi9a7: يامصري،، أنت لاتهز عرش مبارك،، أنت تهز كل عروش الطغاة #Egypt #FreeEgypt

It also seems that fear of what is happening in Egypt is spreading around the world [15]:

!!! RT @GregMitch: Al Jazeera says China has blocked the word “Egypt” from Twitter, wary that it could spread unrest.

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011 [1].