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Egypt: “The People Will Bring the Regime Down!”

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This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011 [1].

People around the world were glued to their television and computer screens today, as Egyptians took to the streets after the noon Friday prayers.

The Day of Rage marks the fourth day in a row for Egyptians to demonstrate against president Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule. Despite an Internet blackout, news continued to flow through satellite channels, with reports being rebroadcast on social networks by netizens.

Manal Hassan tweets [2]:

according 2 aljazeera big protest in alexandria attacked violently by riot police imediately after emerging from mosque in sidi gaber #Jan25 [3]

Amina ElBehry reports [4]:

Immediate use of tear gas against protesters in Cairo and Alexandria. #jan25 [5] #egypt [6]

and she adds [7]:

Early use of rubber bullets against protesters in Giza-Cairo #jan25 [5] #egypt [6]

Nic Robertson says [8]:

Several hundred riot police w/sticks rubber bullet guns surround central mosque, crowd 500-1000 in street outside-both sides tense nervous

DamoS adds [9]:

Egypt police spray water on protesters in cairo who shouted “down, down, hosni mubarak” – reuters witness

Alaa Abd El Fattah remembers [10]:

the slogan most protesters chant is still “The People Will Bring The Regime Down” #Jan25 [3]

Yosra continues [11]:

AJ Arabic: 20K out of Azhar. Clashes bet. protesters & security in Alex.

Eugenie Blasingame reports [12]:

Al Jazeera reporter in Alexandria is being tear gassed live on air; security forces shot tear gas moment mosques emptied #Egypt [13] #Jan25 [3]

Sherine Tadros notes [14]:

Egyptian government's shut down of internet and threats of violence seem only to be strengthening the people's resolve #egypt [6] #Jan25 [3]

Tamer Salama feels the need [15] to explain:

Egypt uprising is a POPULAR uprising – not religious, not political, not ideological – plain vanilla ‘popular’. #jan25

Supporters from around the world also joined in protests outside Egyptian Embassies.

Ian Rochfort notes [16]:

Mass demonstration started outside the Egyptian embassy in Jeddah now

From Qatar, Omar Chatriwalla tweets [17]:

Around 100 protesters hold funeral prayer a block from Egypt embassy, then disperse, thanking Qatar #jan25 [5] http://post.ly/1XlaN [18]

And in neighbouring Bahrain, Mazen Mahdi reports [19]:

Bahraini police surround the Egyptian embassy in Manama and prevent a protest by Egyptians in support of the protests in Egypt #jan25 [5]

Emotions were also raw as the scenes of protesters filled television screens and news continued to pour in. Mona Al Tahawy tweets [20]:

Feel totally helpless. Can't stop crying 4 what's happening in #Egypt [13]. Damn you, #Mubarak [21]. We will unleash a shit storm against you.#Jan25 [3]

She adds [22]:

Can u imagine? 20K people in just one part of Cairo taking on bastard #Mubarak [21] security thugs. I bow down before ur courage. #Jan25 [3]

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011 [1].