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Egypt: What is Happening in Suez?

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This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011 [1].

The cry from the seaport town of Suez [2], 129km east of the capital Cairo, is loud and clear, as demonstrations across Egypt enter their third day.

Sketchy details are emerging of clashes with security forces, and the situation is all the more difficult to assess as telephone lines are jammed by the authorities, and scores of journalists and activists who are keeping the world informed of developments in Egypt have been arrested.

Abdelrahman Hassan tweets [3]:

International media, #Suez [4] is THE Egyptian #SidiBouzid [5]! The people are being massacred by police RIGHT NOW, we need coverage! #Jan25 [6]

Mohamed Selim adds [7]:

#Suez [4] is under siege! Egyptian Army takes over from the Police Forces! #Egypt [8] #Mubarak [9]

And Ammar Abdulhamid updates [10]:

#Suez [4] still under curfew. Trade Minister not in Davos. Bourse shut down. ElBaradei back. Obama shifts support. Yeah it's not #Tunisia [11] #jan25 [12]

The question on the minds of those following the developments in Egypt is: What is happening in Suez?

Sarah Naguib tweets [13]:

Anyone who knows anyone in Suez please try to get us information about the situation over there :S #jan25 [12] #suez [14]

Abdulhamid adds [15]:

#Suez [16]: mobile networks down, but not regular phone lines, so city not completely isolated. If u know ppl there, pls call, share info #jan25 [17]

And journalist Ian Lee is off to Suez [18]to find out for himself what is happening there:

On my way to report on the events in Suez. Hopefully I won't be turned around at a police checkpoint. #jan25 [12] #Egypt [8]

Meanwhile, Hadeel Al-Shalchi [19], the correspondent for the Associated Press Middle East bureau, in Cairo, was in Suez yesterday, where she tweeted her experience.

In a series of tweets [20], she describes [21] the situation [22] there [23]:

Suez is on fire #egypt [24] #jan25 [12]

I'm in a house of screaming women #egypt [24] #jan25 [12] suez tear gas molotov cocktails bullets being fired

@alaa [25] i know. from what i gather, suez was worse than cairo today in terms of violence. eyes still killing me from the gas!

@NaheedMustafa [26] spent the day in suez and it turned super nasty at night. was gassed really badly, my head is throbbing. home in cairo now

The following video [27], from YouTube user superknight1100, shows a part of the demonstration in Suez from last night:

And this Facebook page [28] (Ar), by Ruham Aldakkak, has a list of tweets, photographs and links on the developments in Suez.

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011 [1].