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Poland: More Reactions to IAC Report – on Microblogs and via Cartoons

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The Interstate Aviation Committee [1]‘s report [2] on the crash of TU-154M near Smolensk on April 10, 2010, [3] has provoked many insightful posts from bloggers [4], but we have also found that microblogging platforms – Twitter and Blip.pl – have become good spaces for Poles to express their opinions, and that quite a few visuals criticising the report have appeared online.

On Twitter, users generally criticise the report and the Polish government's reactions.

@janpoplawski states [5] [PL]:

Why is the government preparing an answer to the Russian government if the report was written by IAC – an international organisation

@tuskwatch refers [6] [PL] to the fact that the Prime Minister was absent on the day of the report's publication:

It seems that Prime Minister Tusk considered his reaction to the report a success and went back to skiing. Shall we wish him happy holidays?

@gregorius74 speaks [7] as if stating the obvious [PL]:

A discovery! This government does not seem to think. Klich: IAC report was supposed to discredit us http://bit.ly/gRTd3g [8]

@radiomaryja, the Twitter account of a Catholic radio station, has this [9] [PL]:

IAC report disappointed us http://bit.ly/eiS7lx [10]

@brulion invites [11] Twitter users to join a new Facebook page [PL]:

http://www.facebook.com/raportMAK [12] group “I think the IAC report is outrageous”

Polish microblogging engine, Blip.pl, contains reactions of similar sentiment.

@jezykwkosmosie writes [13] [PL]:

IAC was as delicate to Tupolew's crew in its report as possible. When we have the Polish report heads will roll, that's all.

@aimrumru also disagrees [14] with the claim that the report is objective [PL]:

mistake after mistake of the Polish crew, plus mistake after mistake of the Russian controllers. so the IAC report is partial.

@wikploc is interested [15] in the reactions of the public [PL]:

Here we go. The experts of airplane crashes from Nowogrodzka street prove how IAC twisted the report. I wonder if the “dark folk” will buy it.

@bukowskip states [16] with cynicism [PL]:

IAC report did not surprise me at all. Even if they'd shot down the plane, it would turn out that the pilot collided with a rocket.

@jakubkowalski adds [17] [PL]:

I hope that the Polish authorities will maintain the current approach, that the IAC report in unacceptable. […]

@bukol87 mentions this [18] [PL]:

IAC report cannot be a common agreement. It has no responsibility to accept corrections. Game Over

Andrzej Krauze posts [19] the following cartoon [PL]:


"Please inform comrade Stalin in kettle 17 that the IAC report was published in accordance with his instructions"

Krzętowski drew this one [20] for Newsweek.pl [PL]:


"First of all, get it translated from Soviet into Polish"

The newly established Facebook page – “I think the IAC report is outrageous” [21] – contains a few of these visuals, too.

Achmaja posts [22] [PL] a pretty strong criticism of the Russian side:


"from russia with love, iac report"

TVN48 posts [23] an old visual in a new context [PL]:


"Putin: Lick my shoes. /Tusk: "Let's talk compromise"

Tusk knew from the very beginning how one should relate to Russia. Not fighting with a sword, but with “the language of compromise.” That's what I call good foreign policy. And the results we've seen recently, for instance.
[graphics by Lach from 2 years ago]