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Tunisia: YouTubing the Uprising

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This post is part of our special coverage of Tunisia Revolution 2011 [1].

Nawaat's YouTube channel – a source of videos for what's happening in Tunisia

Video-sharing portal YouTube has been blocked in Tunisia since 2007 – but that is not stopping Tunisians from sharing the horrors they are facing on the streets with the rest of the world. As the Tunisian uprising gets into its fourth week, more and more videos are being posted and circulated by cyberactivists who want to world to witness what is happening to them at the hands of the authorities.

Tunisian blog Nawaat [2] has a YouTube [3] channel dedicated to streaming videos of clashes and incidents as they happen on the ground, showing scenes of horror, the tears and screams of mothers whose sons were killed and protesters being attacked by tear gas and fired at using live ammunition, as well as scenes from protests and funerals.

This latest video [4], uploaded today, shows a protester killed by snipers at El Hadi Kalal Street:

In this video [5], from January 11, from Al Zuhour neighbourhood, in Sidi Bouzid, the cameraman is heard speaking to an older woman, who is horrified, as the sound of live ammunition that is being fired is heard in the background:

In yet another video [6], from December 30, the sound of shooting is as loud as it can be:

This video [7], from December 29, shows scenes from a protest in Feryana, where the the deafening noise of tear gas canisters and live ammunition is audible in the background:

This post is part of our special coverage of Tunisia Revolution 2011 [1].

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