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Poland: Microblog Reactions to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

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More than 800 concerts, 1,300 artists performing for free today, 120,000 volunteers, an endless amount of charity activities across the whole of Poland and so far almost 37 million zloty (PLN; approximately 12.3 million USD) are the results of the grand finale of the 19th Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity [2]. As we slowly approach the end of the day, we are also looking at on-line reactions to the event.

Most posts are purely informative. Users of Twitter [3], and the Polish microblogging engine Blip.pl [4] update their audiences under the hashtag #WOSP (an abbreviation of the event's name in Polish: Wielka Orkiestra Swiątecznej Pomocy).

@yinasshi has done great job in documenting [5] the event on Twitter today:

Go check out http://www.en.wosp.org.pl/ [2]. We're playing for children with urological and nephrological diseases! #wosp [6]

@elelontko posted [7] information about the amount of money raised during the day:

Almost 8 mln PLN!! Gooo Owsiak !#WOSP [8]

Others, like @AshleyRobertsTM [9], suggested ways of donation through on-line channels:

Please guys support WOŚP (GreatOrchestraofChristmasCharity) on facebook. every click is 0,50zł for ill children http://www.facebook.com/wosp [10]

Some posted in languages other than Polish or English. @Drakisnaba [11] mentioned [12] [ES]  the event in Spanish:

Este año, 30 millones de corazones, 120 000 voluntarios, 1300 artistas, 800 conciertos en toda Polonia! ~>http://www.wosp.org.pl/ [13]

This year, 30 million hearts, 120 000 volunteers, 1300 artists, 800 concerts across entire Poland! ~>http://www.wosp.org.pl/ [13]

Apart from the official on-line transmission [14], many posted updates on various aspects of the charity day. mmwarszawa [15] posted [16] [PL] on Blip a photo from one of the activities:


For #wosp [4] they tried to hit the record of people squeezed into one Ikarus bus…they managed 307. Not bad, don't you think? ;-)

Students in Lódź designed a heart made of small coins to be donated to charity, as mmlodz [17] updates [18] [PL] on Blip.pl:


In #Łodz [19] they built a heart for #WOŚP [4] 2011.

mmpoznan [20] documents [21] [PL] people giving blood at the event:


Blood – gift more precious than money – it's the 19th final of #WOŚP [4] in #Poznan [22]

Most reactions are full of support, enthusiasm and great dedication to the event. The conversations contain a lot of feedback on personal involvement of the Poles today. Volunteers, like @haftus [23], express [24] [PL] their happiness at being a part of this great day:

after fundraising for WOSP, I collected 100zł – next year we will do better :] but it was superb. the atmosphere amongst the volunteers was extremely positive.

Some, like @mrskuza [25], post about items they purchased to support charity (here [26] [PL], referring to the little hearts – traditional items sold by WOSP every year):

I already have two WOSP little hearts

Others thank the buyers for purchasing their donations. @marekskorupa [27] is [28] [PL] one of them:

Thank you for betting for VOIVODE'S ARMCHAIR on the auction :) 550pln goes to WOŚP:) #wosp [6] #owsiak [29] #dolnyslask [30]

There were also a few comments on the importance of this charity event for the entire country. Some, like @DilvishPL [31], see [32] [PL] it as a great educational tool for the Polish youth:

WOSP has one more important meaning, which other actions lack: it teaches, very effectively, the youth to be charitable and to understand the need for solidarity.

Some point out that the charity event proves faults in the Polish economy. @bornin1984 [33] wrote [34] [PL]:

It's good to have #WOSP [8], but the fact of it (and other charitable actions) proves the weakness of the economy and the country.

@wlochatypl [35] also implies [36] [PL] the lack of proper funds from the Polish Health Fund (NFZ):

Send an sms saying “serce” [Polish for “heart”] to 75565 (6,15zl brutto) for WOSP. Help collecting money for everything NFZ should provide!

@arturpl [37] points out [38] [PL] the same, using an international comparison:

There is no WOSP in Belarus, but they have the equipment. Strange, isn't it?

Generally, the reactions in microblogging services are positive today. The event was culminated by a series of fireworks all across the country at 8 PM GMT, also documented in social media. @yinasshi [39] posted [40]:

The night sky will be bright tonight in Poland at 8 PM from fireworks and our love! http://www.en.wosp.org.pl/ [2] #wosp [6]Playing for the kids!

jbkp4group [41] documented the show hosted in Warsaw on YouTube:

The total amount of money raised will be posted on the main site [13], Facebook [42] and Blip [43] of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.