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Sudan: Southern Sudan Independence Referendum on Twitter

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This post is part of our special coverage South Sudan Referendum 2011 [1].

Voters in Southern Sudan went to the polls today to decide whether to separate or remain part of Sudan [2]. This is a roundup of tweets related to the referendum. You can follow live tweets using the hashtag #SudanRef [3].

Alun McDonald notes [4] that the traditional Sudanese greeting has been replaced:

Seems like the traditional Sudanese greeting has today been replaced by, “Hello, have you voted yet?” #SudanRef

“Voting is going well so far,” tweets [5] Wandering Tracy:

Voting is going well so far. Hope the next days of voting & results will also be a time of peace. #Sudanref #sudan

Ben is impressed [6] by the solemnity of voters:

I'm impressed by the seriousness and solemnity of voters in #Sudanref outside Khartoum. #Sudan

Voters queu for 6 hours without complaining, observes [7] Lindy Janssen:

The ordely fashion in which the #sudanref is taking place is remarkable. In queu for 6 hours in the heat and little complaints. #respect

There is a great atmosphere [8] at polling stations:

Queues at polling stations long, slow & hot, but nobody seems to mind. Great atmosphere. All voting secession, “of course” #SudanRef

Degner wonders [9] what will be the new name for Southern Sudan:

Anyone know what the new Sudanese country will be named? New Sudan, South Sudan, West Central African Republic? #SudanRef

Granddaugher of former Prime Minister has been arrested [10]over anti-Sudan referendum protest:

Abeer Osman granddaughter of former PM Azhari taken to police station over anti-#Sudanref protest.

An old woman sings, “Bye bye Arab” [11]:

Old woman dancing out of the polling station at Garang memorial singing ‘bye bye arab’ #SudanRef

A man cries [12] out of joy at a polling station:

Man at polling station let out a cry of joy as he voted. Hundreds in line clapped for him & gave him thumbs up. #SudanRef

Voting started with a song and prayer [13] in the US (Southern Sudanese are taking part in the referendum in 8 countries around the world):

Voting begins with a song and prayer in Arabic as requested by the voters in Dallas. #SudanRef

Vijay wonders [14] how Southern Sudan referendum can be compared to East Timor:

Wonder how #SudanRef compared to East Timor.The bigger Q, Will the Oil in SS attract Us/UK companies pushing China out ?Will peace come ?

The first voter
in Dallas, Texas;

1st voter in Dallas was elder poll worker, who after dropping ballot in box, rose his hand and waved goodbye. #SudanRef #Sudan

Is Shari'a more important [15] that unity?:

Signs in Khartoum: “No unity at expense of Shari'a,” meaning Shari'a is more important than united Sudan. That worries many here. #sudanref

Finally, daughter of Sudan's first prime minister protests against the referendum:

Daughter of independent #Sudan's first prime minister puts flag at half staff, covers walls in black sash to protest #Sudanref

This post is part of our special coverage South Sudan Referendum 2011 [1].