9 January 2011

Stories from 9 January 2011

Lebanon: Negotiating the fate of STL

“He [PM Saad Hariri] has already brought his “price” down by exonerating Syria … He has also exonerated Hizbullah’s leadership from any connection with the crime … All that’s left is for him to join his opponents in claiming that the STL [Special Tribunal for Lebanon] was infiltrated by Israel and that...

Lebanon: Fighting Drugs

Salmanonline posts an article (Ar) about drugs addiction among the Lebanese youth. He discusses the role played by some political parties and other specialized organizations to combat its widespread.

Japan: Being Neighborly

  9 January 2011

The Good and Bad Japan blog details his insight about community obligations in a Japanese han through his experience of attending a neighbor's funeral.

Cape Verde: Alcoholism and the Youth

  9 January 2011

Margarida Fontes, in the blog Os Momentos [The Moments, pt], quotes an interview to the former Minister of Health, Manuel Faustino, where he states that one of the major public health problems of Cape Verde, especially among the youth, is alcoholism and that “the problem should be addressed with aggressive...

Brazil: Open letter urging inclusive policies on culture

  9 January 2011

In an open letter to President-elect Dilma Roussef and the new Minister of Culture, Ana de Hollanda, Brazilian citizens urge the latter to keep the work from the previous Government concerning inclusive public policies regarding the Internet, digital culture and copyright – “enabling a fertile and innovative environment for cultural...