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Arab World: Tears Spilled on the Break Up of Sudan

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This post is part of our special coverage South Sudan Referendum 2011 [1].

South Sudan's independence referendum and the likelihood of its separation today has hit a raw nerve with some Arab netizens. Many worry this could be the first step towards carving up the Middle East. Here's a snapshot of their reactions on microblogging site, Twitter.

From Egypt, Hossam Moanis Saad laments [2] the sad state of much of the Arab world:

آه يا مصر .. آه يا تونس .. آه يا سودان .. آه يا جزائر .. آه يا فلسطين .. آه يا عراق ..
آه يا أمة .. #egypt [3] #tunisia [4] #palestine [5] #sudan [6] #fb [7]
Ah woe Egypt! Ah woe Tunisia! Ah woe Sudan! Ah woe Algeria! Ah woe Palestine. Ah woe Iraq…

Engy Ghozlan, also from Egypt, echoes [8] similar sentiments:

#Palestine [9], #Iraq [10], #Tunisia [11], #Algeria [12], #Egypt [13], #Yemen [14], #Sudan [15]… notice a pattern?!

And Omar Al Attas, from Saudi Arabia, adds [16]:

بدو من العراق و ذهبوا الي (اليمن… الجزائر .. و تونس) والان السودان الله يستر من الجاي #sudan [6] #arabs [17]
They started with Iraq and then went to (Yemen…Algeria…and Tunisia) and now Sudan! May Allah protect us from what's to come next

Meanwhile, Egyptian Mohammed Mansour wonders: [18]

اخشى يوما ما ان نجد انفسنا فى مصر امام أزمة منطقة “أسيوط” و استفتاء انفصال جنوب مصر #Egypt [13] #Sudan [15] #Darfur [19]
I am afraid that we will one day find ourselves in Egypt face to face with the Asyut crisis and a referendum on the separation of Southern Egypt

And Saudi journalist Hassan Al Harthy spells doom and tweets [20]:

تقسيم السودان الخط الأول في خارطة الشرق الأوسط الكبير
The division of Sudan is the first step in the Greater Middle East Map [21]

And Abderrahman Najjar, from Egypt, is stunned [22]:

اليوم سيقسم السودان و على الهواء مباشرة أمام نظرنا جميعاً… ولا أحد يبالي أو يهتم!!
Today Sudan will be divided, on air and in front of us all .. and no one is concerned or cares

In conclusion, Asma Mohammd, from Saudi Arabia, prays [23]:

#sudan الله يكتب لك الخير ويحميك .. اليوم الحاسم
May Allah protect you (Sudan).. Today is a monumental day

This post is part of our special coverage South Sudan Referendum 2011 [1].