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Our Most Read Posts in 2010

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! by 1suisse on Flickr (Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic)

On Global Voices we work with a large volunteer community to publish stories about what is happening in blogs and citizen media around the world. Below, are some of the stories that have attracted the most attention in 2010 from our readers in English (our Lingua [2] websites in different languages may have other results).

Often the stories that are most popular are the ones that relate to a story that is making major headlines around the world, like the earthquake in Haiti, or the World Cup in South Africa. Other times, it's something the media isn't talking much about.

For regional retrospectives of 2010 by our editors, check our special coverage page: Best of 2010 [3].

Most read in 2010

Our most read post in 2010 was Brazil: The Cala Boca Galvao Phenomenon [4] partly thanks to the fact that our co-founder Ethan Zuckerman mentioned the story prominently in his TED presentation [5].

Most read special coverage


MENA: Rage after Israel Attacks Gaza-bound Flotilla [12]
North Korea: Beauty Plays In the Psychological Warfare [13]
Costa Rica: Border Conflict with Nicaragua [14]
Russia: Initial Coverage of the Moscow Subway Bombings [15]
Philippines: Hostage drama ends in violence [16]
Egypt: Khaled Said – An Emergency Murder by An Emergency Law [17]


South Africa: Julius Malema and the future of freedom of speech [18]
Facebook is blocked in Pakistan as it Indulges in a Controversial Campaign [19]
Macedonia: Online Rebellion Against “Skopje 2014″ Plan [20]
Myanmar's new flag and new name [21]


South Africa:2010 FIFA World Cup theme song raises interesting views [22]
Mali: World Cup Fans React to Referee's Controversial Call [23]
Georgia: Tragedy strikes as Winter Olympic Games open [24]

Internet memes

Philippines: The jejemon craze [25]
The Virtual Choir: Technology, Collaboration and Music [26]
Russia: Online Cartoon Character – Mr. Freeman – Deconstructs Reality, Mocks Netizens [27]
Humorous Web Reactions to Thursday's Facebook Outage [28]
“Boobquake” to challenge claims of Iranian cleric [29]


China: Sex workers demand legalization, organizer detained [30]
China: Zhouqu landslide, a man made disaster [31]
China: ‘My father is Li Gang’ [32]
Chinese blogger reviews of Avatar [33]
China: Confessions of a naked Internet runner [34]
Noam Chomsky in China [35]
China: Nobel Peace Prize Winner – Liu Xiaobo [36]


Poland: President Kaczyński is Killed in Plane Crash in Russia – Initial Reactions [37]
India: Outrage At Mangalore Plane Crash [38]


Guatemala: Pacaya Volcano Causes State of National Calamity [39]
Ecuador: Tungurahua Eruption Hits More Ecuadorian Provinces [40]
Indonesia: Earthquake, Tsunami, and Volcanic Eruption in 48-Hours [41].


Peru: Heavy Rains and Mudslides in Cusco [42]
Saudi Arabia: When it Rains it Pours in Riyadh [43]


Greece, Germany and the middle finger of Venus de Milo [44]
Japan: Where taking a vacation is a no-no [45]
India: The Battle Of Rin vs. Tide [46]