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There are Wikileaks clones in Southeast Asia: Thaileaks from Thailand, Indoleaks from Indonesia and PinoyLeaks from the Philippines. These websites were established/revived this month to support the work started by Wikileaks and to expose secret government documents in their respective countries.

Thaileaks ‘resurrected’ Wikileaks in Thailand after the latter was blocked by the government

For unknown reasons the Thai Government has closed access to the Wikileaks website. This means that Thai internauts and webizens are not allowed to take part in the current netbased movement of freedom. This is not acceptable, anywhere in the world. Therefore we make all Thai-related content from the Wikileaks website available for direct download.

Please note – This is not about disrespecting the Thai State or the Royal family. It is about making a statement for the freedom of information.

thaicables has published Wikileaks documents related to Thailand

With the release of approximately 3000 cables originating from the US Embassy in Bangkok which have been sent mostly from 2005 until February 2010 it is just a question of time before MICT will block the access to Wikileaks published cables

We do not believe in censorship and think that everyone in Thailand should get access to any information available on the internet, which also includes Wikileaks. This is the reason for this blog.

Indoleaks was launched on December 10 during the Human Rights Day celebration. Its tag line “Sebab informasi adalah hak asasi” translates into “Because information is a human right.”

After two days of operation, Indoleaks reported that more than 100,000 documents have been downloaded already by visitors of the website. It hit a million visits after one week.

So far, it has published government documents about the murder of activist Munir, the Sidoarjo mudflow and a transcribed conversation between Indonesian and U.S. leaders regarding Indonesia’s policy on East Timor before the December 1975 invasion.

Uppercaise blogs about the trust of Indoleaks:

It calls on the Indonesian public to submit original documents without the opinions of the sender, to be published anonymously. It promised not to publish bank account details, media histories and other personal details.

He also wrote about the website’s flaws

Unfortunately, Indoleaks has a slightly amateurish feel to it, with documents being published at public sites such as Google Docs, and the site owners using a Gmail address, thus raising concerns about the security of the documents published, and the protection afforded to anonymous communications.

For the moment, the site does not seem to use encrypted communications nor does it provide visitors with any advice on Internet anonymity or secure means of protecting their identities when browsing or when submitting documents.

PinoyLeaks will start to publish ‘leaks’ on corruption cases in the Philippines on February 1, 2011.

PinoyLeaks is a non-profit organization dedicated to exposing corruption in the Philippine national and local governments, by means of channelling evidence to the blogosphere. We have a secure and safe system for whistleblowers to submit information anonymously.

PinoyLeaks is similar to Wikileaks, except the mission is specifically focused on exposing corruption only, the scope is limited to the Philippines, and PinoyLeaks works with bloggers instead of traditional media. It is up to the bloggers whether to spread news about a leak.

It clarifies that it has no ties with Wikileaks

We would like to emphasize that while we are riding in Wikileaks’ slipstream, we have no ties, official or unofficial, with Wikileaks.

Please help PinoyLeaks play in a role in transforming the Philippines from a corrupt and impoverished third-world country into a modern nation-state.


  • Liberalism is a core value in the US Democracy. A funny thing: so is transparency. Yeah, some things need to be kept “classified,” but when governments are misrepresenting their people, so much so, that insiders feel the need to leak these secrets, they need to these “secrets” shoved in their face. The people need to be screaming, “WTF??” That is, they need to be asking “Why all the secrets? What has the DEA been up to in the world drug trade? Why do my tax dollars have to go towards the CIA investigation of these leaked secrets by your insiders with the creation of the ‘WikiLeaks Task Force’?” I’m glad that people in other nations around the world are coming up with their own websites for “leaks.”

    Anyway, this story is what you make of it. I’ve shared several links to new blogs on this topic, including this one. Check out my bledit to learn more on WikiLeaks. This is an important world event!

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