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20 December 2010

Stories from 20 December 2010

Bangladesh: Power Crisis – Facts and Figures

Sri Lanka: An Open Letter to Sir Arthur C. Clarke

India: How MSM is using Tweets

Bangladesh:Discussing the Controversy Surrounding Dr.Yunus

Jamaica: Blog Awards

Cuba: Economics or People?

Cuba: More Top 10

Bermuda: The 6 Billion Dollar Hole

Guyana: Dispensable Lives?

Colombia: Gramalote Town Evacuated After Heavy Rains, Sentenced to Disappear

Côte d'Ivoire: Ivorian Internet Users Fear a New Era of Terror in Abidjan

The political crisis in Côte d'Ivoire is getting increasingly violent. According to the UN, 50 people were killed and 200 injured for the past three days. Traditional media were shunned...

Bolivia: Drought Kills Llamas

Support Global Voices: Help make the world a more connected place

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Venezuela: What is the best Venezuelan movie of 2010?

Uruguay: Images of December in Montevideo

South/North Korea: Tensions Escalate in Midst of Live-Fire Drills

South Korean military exercises were underway today near the disputed waters with North Korea, who threatened Seoul to strike back, raising more tensions in the Korean peninsula. The Korean people,...

Africa: The Scandal of the “Ill-gotten Gains”

In the scandal of the wealth accumulated by some African politicians, the French Supreme Court of Appeals reversed the verdict pronounced by Paris Court of Appeals a year ago. The...

China’s top stories in 2010

China: The short life of GFW father's microblog

South Africa: Bloggers’ take on Wikileaks

Like much of the world of late, everyone has been affected by the revelations contained in WikiLeaks cables. South Africa is no exception. Here's South African bloggers' take on WikiLeaks.

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