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Africa: Painting Cultural Portraits with Remixed Radio and Video

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Arts & Culture, Music

Radio Continental Drift [1] has an interesting proposal: with audio from radio workshops [2] and videos shot around several cities in Kenya and Uganda they've made a series of remixed videos  meant to fuel conversations around activism, culture and arts in Africa.

The premise behind the videos is to start circulating the audio which has been released for use under a Creative Commons Share-alike license, hoping that they can inspire others to also remix them. As they explain on their post An Ear on the Ground [3]:

They are archived as part of an on-going conversational journey to “Africa” & audio media road workshop across the continent.

The audio playlists on www.archive.org [4] are meant to introduce artists & organisations and the cultural, activist and socio political scenes as encountered by radio continental drift at the time.

On this post [5]they share a picture of the process of uploading content from Nairobi:


Archiving and Uploading Content for Radio Continental Drift

Here is one of their clips of what they call ” trailers for a road movie” . Recorded in Nairobi, Kenya [7] it mixes music with interviews about consumption, greed, fame and drugs:

This next one [8] feels like a stream of consciousness on reggae, violence and development:

From Kampala, in Uganda come these next two clip [9]s on music and the wisdom which can be found in songs:

More information can be found at their blog, Radio Continental Drift [10], where they also link to the unedited sources that can be remixed.