Madagascar: A Chronology of the Failed Coup According to Tweets

Twitter updates kept the internet abreast of the failed coup that started on the day of the referendum, November 17.  Back in 2009, twitter already played an important role as a medium for real-time updates from citizens about  the military takeover.  Here is a quick reminder of the events in 2009 as read on twitter:

31/01/2009 Rajoelina proclaimed himself President of Madagascar

17/03/2009 Ravalomanana fled the country. He is now exiled in South Africa

@tomavana starts the Twitter chronology:

[ça peut durer] 31.01.2009 Rajoelina s’autoproclame ‘en charge’ de la République #Madagascar ▸45j plus tard, 17.03.2009 Ravalomanana part [fr]

[it can last] 01.31.2009 Rajoelina proclaim himselfs ‘in charge’ of the Republic #Madagascar ▸45 days later, 17.03.2009 Ravalomanana leaves the country

Since then, many people lost their jobs. Foreign mediators have tried to point out the issue, trying to work out an agreement between them (Zafy Albert,Rajoelina, Ratsiraka, Ravalomanana). The mutual hatreds among Rajoelina and the three former presidents have prevented any real solution and plunged the nation into a deep crisis … deals have been announced, and agreements have been broken down.

@VOAAfrica Ex-Madagascar PM Calls for Dialogue to Resolve Crisis

Tired of this long crisis, last Wednesday, Novembre 17th 2010, was supposed to be a time for ushering in a new constitution.

@roulletteplayer: During an intervention on the #Madagascar national channels, Rajoelina urge the people to go vote tomorrow #Referendum

Dada Manga@dadamanga Ready for the vote? :)

@akamasoa: #Madagascar will vote in a long-awaited referendum on a new #constitution on Wednesday@Tantely_Ramaka: #Madagascar répondre par OUI ou par NON. Mais c’est quoi déjà la question? [fr]

@akamasoa: #Madagascar will vote in a long-awaited referendum on a new #constitution on Wednesday@Tantely_Ramaka: #Madagascar answer by YES or NO. But what was the question again?

Tomavana asks:

@tomavana 1958 1972 1975 1992 1995 1998 2007 puis 2010, le #referendum du jour sera le 8e de #Madagascar re:

@tomavana 1958 1972 1975 1992 1995 1998 2007 then 2010, the #referendum of the day will be the 8th of #Madagascar re:

About 8 million Malagasy were asked to vote. The opposition had called for a boycott of the voting, telling it as a way for Rajoelina to retain power a little bit longer.

@AngloMalagasy: Coup attempt ‘unsurprising as referendum is last chance 2challenge Rajoelina’s right 2power’

Streets in Antananarivo remained calm into the evening, but at Ivato , Lt Col. Charles Andrianasoavina with a group of dissident Malagasy soldiers declared that a military comittee “Military Committee for the People's Salvation” had taken power of Madagascar, and that “From now on, all institutions are suspended and a military committee is going to run the country.”

As the coup attempt lasted 3 days, people living in the surroundings were scared, waiting for what will happen next. There was almost no source of information.

@saveoursmile images des mutins de coup d’état à #madagascar via tvplus sur

@saveoursmile pictures of the coup attempt mutinies in #madagascar via tvplus at

@chdsandeep Madagascar: Appeal to the mutiny on the constitutional referendum: A group of officers said…

@salivates#sp Coup Attempt by Military Is Reported in Madagascar: Military officers in Madagascar, including some who had…

@tomavana 2y of constant rumors of coups & even occasional attempt RT @malagasy RT @Twtimes Coup Attempt Reported in #Madagascar

@CHALCHIHUITES Rebel troops claim Madagascar government suspended (AFP)

The airport is near barracks (BANI – Base Aero-Navale d’Ivato) occupied by rebels. Riot police fired teargas to disperse anti-government protesters at a burning barricade near the military camp but they did not enter the camp. Photos taken by Jentilisa:

@jentilisa #madagascar sary hafa indray!

Rajoelina said that “the government will assume its responsibilities and consequently take action”. Prime Minister Camille Vital called mutineers “to respect discipline, respect institutions and show professionalism… They have tried to stage a putch… until now everything is under control … everything is normal”

@VOAAfrica: Madagascar’s Rajoelina Vows Not to Resign

@nbiga MADAGASCAR : Le Premier ministre déclare la situation « sous contrôle » après la …

@nbiga MADAGASCAR : The Prime Minister claims everything is under control after the …

@tomavana l’avenir nous dira si c’était qu’un pseudo-coup …déjà un succès si un des buts était d’occulter referendum constitutionnel à #Madagascar [fr]

@tomavana time will tell if it was a pseudo-coup … a success if one of the goals was to conceal constitutional referendum in #Madagascar

Meanwhile tweeters reacted to the referendum

@malagasy: When was the last time a no vote won in #Madagascar ? …Oh yeah, NEVER

@Heryr: Indice du risque terroriste selon Maplecroft, #Madagascar est dans la zone de risque faible [fr]

@Heryr: Terrorism risk index by Maplecroft, #Madagascar is in the area of low risk

@tomavana [referendum #Madagascar ] Antananarivo semble être calme selon témoignage de @falyfamalagasy @news2dago et @jentilisa [fr]

@tomavana [referendum #Madagascar ] Antananarivo seems to be quiet according to @falyfamalagasy @news2dago and @jentilisa

Others kept their sense of humor

@dadamanga: #photo « a voting day for adults but a beach day for kids! :D »

@Metisgasy: Un jour de repos, ca ne fait de mal à personne. Vive le referendum. #Madagascar

@Metisgasy: A day off, it does not hurt anyone. Cheers for the referendum.#Madagascar

Others linked to their blog posts on the referendum by tweets :

@saveoursmile Témoignage d’un citoyen lambda sur le referendum de ce jour à #Madagascar

@saveoursmile The referendum as seen by a simple citizen in #Madagascar

Other tweets think tourism in Madagascar is safe, coup or not :

@lonelyplanet where to stay in Antananarivo? Any suggestion?

@Yektasays: flying to the capital of #Madagascar in an hour, got @lonelyplanet 2007, no clue where to stay yet re:

@Yektasays: … #Madagascar is fantastic, we think here is similar to Bolivia ,more fun.. re:

When the base where the mutineers were holed up was attacked, tweets said :

@streetrover In sum, the moramora #coup hasn’t failed yet. It’s well & alive. Rajoelina & Co are now desperate. Who will rescue them again?

@madatribune#Madagascar : le ministère des forces armées demande aux civils d’évacuer la base Bani d’Ivato et les alentours [fr]

@madatribune #Madagascar : Ministry of the Army asks civilians to evacuate the Bani base in Ivato and the vicinity
@falyfamalagasy#Madagascar : Les pourparlers « continueraient » mais l’évacuation « serait » du au fait d’un éventuel débordement au… [fr]
@falyfamalagasy #Madagascar : Discussions « would continue » but the evacuation « would be » because of a possible overflowing in…

@falyfamalagasy Le CEMGAM est entré dans la Base BANI il y a 15 minutes pour continuer les pourparlers, rien pour l’instant #Madagascar [fr]

@falyfamalagasy The CEMGAM entered the BANI Base 15 minutes ago in order to negociate, nothing for the moment #Madagascar

@topmada#madagascar La HAT « putschistes en mars 2009″ embourbée et contrainte de négocier. Lire ici [fr]

@topmada #madagascar The HAT « putschists in March 2009″ bogged down and forced to negotiate. Read here

@topmada#madagascar Les #USA pour une transition neutre, condamnent toutes actions de forces que ce soit pour s’emparer ou se maintenir au pouvoir

@topmada #madagascar For a neutral transition, the #USA condemn all acts of force either to seize or maintain power.

The Times of Madagascar posted the Statement of the United States Regarding the Current Situation in Madagascar

@madatribune#madagascar Ambiance toujours tendue à Ivato (écoles et commerces fermés), mais l’heure reste à la négociation. [fr]

@madatribune #madagascar Still tense atmosphere in Ivato (schools and shops closed), but the time remains for negotiation.

@falyfamalagasy RT @madatribune: #madagascar Le chef d’État-major a négocié pendant deux heures. Pas de déclaration à la sortie (vers 12h30).

@falyfamalagasy RT @madatribune: #madagascar The Chief of the Army has negotiated for two hours. No declaration when leaving (at about 12.30 pm).

@falyfamalagasy#Madagascar : si c’est un pseudo-putsh pour légitimer la HAT auprès de la CI ça risque de marcher, mais il ne faut pas jouer avec le feu !

@falyfamalagasy #Madagascar : if it’s a pseudo-coup to legitimize the HAT to the CI that could work, but don’t play with fire !

@topmada Statuquo des négociations à #madagascar. Les militaires refusent pour le moment tout ordre d’assaut contre leurs frères d’armes
@topmada Statu quo of the negotiations in #madagascar. For the moment, the soldiers refuse any assault order against their brother-in-arms
@tomavana CEMGAM’s call to the militaries: ‘appeasement & to continue on the negociation path’ #Madagascar re: [fr]
@rovamanga « Déclaration du Cemgam, le Gal Ndrianarijaona André »
@rovamanga « Cemgam’s declaration, Gal Ndrianarijaona André »
@topmada#madagascar Assaut avorté, signe d’un vrai début de réconciliation au sein de l’armée ? disqualifiant d’office la HAT [fr]
@topmada #madagascar Assault aborted, sign of a true beginning of reconciliation within the military? automatically disqualifying the HAT
@topmada#madagascar Andry Rajoelina refuse la réconciliation entamée par l’armée. Réconciliation ou division des malgaches son choix est fait
@topmada #madagascar Andry Rajoelina refuse the reconciliation initiated by the army. Reconciliation or division of malagasy people, he made his choice

@tananews Le CEMGAM Ndrianarijaona André serait sur le point d’être remercié. Un mutin de plus en perspective qui va gonfler les rangs de la BANI ?

@tananews Ndrianarijaona Andre would be on the verge being fired. Another potential mutineer to reinforce the BANI mutiny?

@jentilisa It’ll be over for the FAT if CEMGAM is dismissed. Fatal error if CEMGAM is dismissed. src #tananews#madagascar

@topmada#madagascar L’ordre d’assaut du CSMP (BANI) à Ivato par le FIS et le DSP a été donné par Andry Rajoelina

@topmada #madagascar The assault order against the CSMP (BANI) in Ivato by the FIS and DSP was from Andry Rajoelina

@news2dago Reading: « Un fort dispositif des forces de l’ordre vient d’arriver aux abords du BANI Ivato. « ( )

@jentilisa Raikitra ny an-kitifitra. Echanges de tirs dans l’enceinte du camp BANI Ivato src #orangemadagascar#madagascar

Exchange of gunfire in the camp BANI Ivato src#orangemadagascar#madagascar

@tomavana ‘accalmie après échanges de tirs au BANI Ivato’ Antananarivo #Madagascar à suivre sur

@tomavana ‘lull after exchange of gunfire at BANI Ivato’ Antananarivo #Madagascar to follow at

@falyfamalagasy#Madagascar (sourge 16H50 : Accalmie au BANI Ivato, les tirs ont cessé. Les forces spéciales ont pénétré…

@falyfamalagasy #Madagascar (sourge 16H50 : Lull at BANI Ivato, gunfire has ceased. Special forces entered…

@thierry_ratsiz RT @BreakingNews: Gunshots heard after security forces in #Madagascar enter rebel barracks – Reuters

@tomavana ‘Gunshots has ceased before the special forces anter rebel barrack’ then exchange of gunfire again src [fr]

@falyfamalagasy RT @tomavana: [assaut à la BANI Ivato #Madagascar ] ‘général Noel Rakotonandrasana et qq officiers se seraient rendus’ src

@falyfamalagasy RT @tomavana: [assault at BANI Ivato #Madagascar ] ‘general Noel Rakotonandrasana and some officers reportedly surrendered’ src

@avylavitra#madagascar La destination inconnue pour ces officiers rebelles. Ils seront repartis dans différentes prisons.

@avylavitra #madagascar Unknown destination for those rebel officers. They’ll be incarcerated in different jails.

@tomavana [opération de com rondement menée] #Madagascar ‘La vie reprend son cours normal aux abords du BANI’ conclut

@tomavana [com operation carried out efficiently] #Madagascar ‘Life returning to normal around the Bani’ concludes

@news2dago#Madagascar Fin de l’épisode

@news2dago #Madagascar End of the episode

@avylavitra#madagascar BANI Résumé: début des hostilités vers 15h 50 par FIS/Lylison, environ 30 rebl se sont rendu 17h30, aucune perte de vie humaine [fr]

@avylavitra #madagascar In summary : start of hostilities at about 3.50pm by FIS / Lylison, about 30 rebels surrendered at 5.30pm, no loss of human life
Global Voices author Mialy Andriamanjara and Paula Goes contributed to this article.

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