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Jordan: Political Cartoonists Take Aim at Campaign Posters

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Jordan, Elections, Humor, Politics

Jordanian social media writers continue to focus their writing about the November 9th parliamentary elections on the election posters covering the country, and particularly the capital city, Amman. One Twitter user, Mayousef, quipped on October 25th, [1]

since the parliaments candidates have nothing but their pictures to offer, I DECIDED TO VOTE FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHER ..

But comments on the posters are no longer coming from just bloggers and Twitter users. Jordanian political cartoonists have now joined the fray.
3la Rasi features several cartoons satirizing Jordanian election posters. This series of posters [2]
features cartoon characters with the caption “Election slogans” and posters that read “The letter A is for Arnab (rabbit),” “The letter B is for Bandura (tomato),” and “The letter T is for Toot (berry).”
Another [3] illustrates two posters, the first with a caveman, and the second with George Clooney, captioned, “Before Photoshop,” and “After Photoshop.”