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Video: One Minute Jr video nominees for 2010 Awards

Categories: Caribbean, Central Asia & Caucasus, East Asia, Eastern & Central Europe, Oceania, Sub-Saharan Africa, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Fiji, Guyana, Kosovo, Tajikistan, Uganda, Ukraine, Vietnam, Citizen Media, Education, Film, Youth

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The nominees for each of the 3 categories in the One Minutes Jr project competition 2010 have been selected. In each of the categories of  (Self)-portrait, Inside-Out and One Minute of Freedom there will be one winner who will be awarded a JVC Piscio HD Hand-Camera.  The nominees are all participants of the international, arts-based initiative of oneminutesjr [1], which organizes 5 day workshops for underprivileged or marginalized youth between 12 and 20 years old [2]:

The oneminutesjr. holds 5-day workshops where the youth are taught basic camera and directing skills, story-telling, teamwork and how to think creatively about issues and representation.  Each participant develops his/her own story based on the workshop theme and produces a sixty-second video that is screened at the conclusion of the workshop.

A full listing of the nominees can be found on the UNICEF website [2]. The videos can be viewed on the oneminutesjr site [1]or some can also be found on their YouTube channel. [3]

Following are some of the nominated videos, each one lasting no more than one minute in length. The winners will be selected by a jury and announced on November 10th.

Mama [4], about adoptions, was made by Wolf Artem from Ukraine, and is nominated for tha category of (Self)-portraits:

Also in the same category is Greetings from Kosovo [5]by Suada Jahirovic on forced migrations:

In the Inside Out Category is Paper Wings [6] by Nargiz Zeynalova from Azerbaijan,  showing the issue of females and education: since I couldn't find an embeddable video for this entry, please click through to view it on the oneminutesjr site [6].

Also in this category is Taim Nogut [7], a story on suicide by Louisah Enos from Papua New Guinea:

And in the One Minute of Freedom category; Focus [8] by Ryan Forde in Guyana tackles the subject of education:

Last but not least, focusing on water conservation is On the Last Drop [9]by Tolib Homitov from Tajikistan:

Don't forget to watch the videos made by the remaining award nominees who share their views of the world from places such as  Uganda, USA,  Barbados, Vietnam and Fiji.