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Jordanians Tweet about Election Campaigning

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Jordanian parliamentary candidates are now allowed to post campaign materials for the November 9 elections. Posters now cover main roads, and the topic of these campaign materials has been hotly discussed among Jordanian Twitter users. Almost unanimously, these tweets express disgust with the posters.

Three Jordanian women reacted after a week of looking at signs along major roadways. Ruba tweeted, [1]

We need our own #rallytorestoresanity in #JO those candidates are really going crazy with their banners! #JOElections

Another Jordanian woman, Thoraya, writes [2]:

Apparently, all you need to run for Jordanian Parliament is a face. #JOelections

And Samia joins: [3]

Dear running candidates for #JOelections walahi (I swear) im dreaming of ur faces at night

Earlier in the week, OulaFarawati [4] was one of many to comment on the repetitiveness of campaign slogans:

Candidate agendas: liberate Palestine,fight corruption,combat poverty&unemployment.. Ridiculously ambitious &deceptive!

She continues [5]:

And I thereby vow to vote for the candidate who can show practically how he will “liberate Palestine

aksharawi [6] seems to summarize the feeling:

the only thing ur picture is doing is blocking a road sign

Jordanians also have used Twitter to debate participating in the elections. The leading opposition party is leading a boycott of the elections out of protest of election laws that they say are unfair.

KShihabi [7] asks:

What will a crippling elections law produce???!!! Democracy!!!! a hard working parliament!!!! or just a copy of the last one?!

Others, like Bayanwaleed [8], argue that the election is the only way to improve government in Jordan:

If U don't elect them and show them U know what U want, someone else will, and U will only bare the consequences

Shusmo [9]agrees, tweeting:

If you are against #JOElections you should never complain again about the #Government, Engage & Elect to create better#Government

Some say they will not vote because of the poor choices of candidates, not because of campaign laws.
kamelasmar [10] is one of these:

I was really hoping to see the change happening, same faces exactly. It's good I won't be in town so I won't vote

Follow the #Joelections [11] Twitter feed for the latest updates and opinions on the Jordanian parliamentary elections.