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World: One Day on Earth on 10.10.10

Categories: North America, U.S.A., Arts & Culture, Digital Activism, Film

The One Day on Earth project [1]is only a day away, a day where people from all over the planet will record videos during that day, send them in, and they will become part of a documentary film and experience that will represent a snapshot of humankind.

People from all over the world have  [2]signed up [3] to be a part of this experience,  and many have created or joined one of the 495  groups and communities that have cropped up around the event: from parents to be [4], to weddings [5], to teachers [6], and groups around a specific country or location. Although more than 10,000 people have already signed up, there are still some countries with low representation for the event, and the organizers have posted a shout out for anyone to join or invite others who live in one of the countries [7]to join in and be a part of the experience.

Their promotional video [8] seems to bring a little sample of what this day long documentary could be, and one can only imagine what the editing process for all the footage will be like:

There still is time to sign up and join the event, and Matt Lambert from Motionographer [9]blog sums up the results nicely:

The results of this project will be a shared archive of video — downloadable for non-commercial use by participants for creative and educational purposes — a feature film, and a community of filmmakers and inspired citizens dedicated to exploring our global identity via a shared media event.

However, according to this next clip [10], to be able to access this trove of knowledge you will need to upload a 1 minute video during 10.10.10. So don't miss the chance!