China: Nobel Peace Prize Winner – Liu Xiaobo

A few hours ago, the Norwegian Nobel Committee announced its decision to award the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China.

It is a moment of great joy for concerned Chinese citizens as Liu Xiaobo represents human rights activists’ determination in struggling for the peaceful transformation of China's political system. He was arrested in June 2009 and sentenced to 11 years imprisonment under the charge of “inciting subversion of state power” after Charter 08, a proposal for constitutional reform, was published.

The Jailed Nobel Peace Award Winners

However, the Chinese government, in response to the Nobel Committee's decision,claimed that [zh] Liu is a criminal who has been found guilty in a Chinese court and that the Committee's decision has violated the mission of the Nobel Peace Prize.

A tweet from Akiranns is probably the best response to the Chinese government spokesperson's statement:


Do you know who the previous Nobel Peace Prize winner to receive the award while in jail was? Carl von Ossietzky. And who was the ruler of his country? Hitler.

Netizens Arrested for Having Dinner Party

As if to assert Akiranns’ association of the two Nobel Peace Prize winners’ backgrounds, Chinese police officers have chosen to crack down on Chinese netizens’ spontaneous dinner celebrations of this memorable event in both Shanghai and Beijing. Hanlu1911 reports from one dinner on Twitter:


The Shanghai dinner and drinks party has been cancelled. Worried about Shi Feike and other Grass Mud Horses (netizens) who have been taken away by the police. Police officers brought along profile pictures from microblog accounts. One young grass mud horse has already been identified this way. The police and undercovers are now wandering and checking around in the square.

Teng Biao has identified at least 8 Chinese netizens who have been taken away by police in Beijing's Dongcheng:


因聚会庆祝和平奖被带到派出所的推友有:@wlh8964 @pengmomo @leewua @heyang519 @zhiyongxu @tufuwugan @xiaolu8964 @renjiaqi 等。请关注。

Wang Lihong and Tiantian were just taken away by the Dongcheng district police to Jinshan police station. “A dozen of them cursed and kicked them away”. Ah Er, Xiaolu, and The Butcher have been taken to Heping police station. Xu Zhiyong, He Yang, @pengmomo and others were all taken away by police. The dinner party hasn't even begun and they've already been arrested. Please pay attention to this.

Twitterers who has been taken to police station for celebrating the Peace Award result are @wlh8964 @pengmomo @leewua @heyang519 @zhiyongxu @tufuwugan @xiaolu8964 @renjiaqi and etc. Please pay attention.


Apart from the arrest action, the propaganda machine has continued to keep the news from spreading to the general public by imposing strict censorship on the Internet.

First of all, all special feature on the Nobel Prize from major portal websites have been taken down today, including the special feature from,, Tencent and

Secondly, the Chinese term “Nobel Prize” (諾貝爾) and “Peace Prize” (和平獎) became unsearchable in major search engines.

Third, soon after the announcement was made, twitterers, such as @haojinsong reported that mobile text messages with sensitive term “Liu Xiaobo” (劉曉波) could not be sent out.

Creative expression

Despite all these censorship measures, words still spread around the Chinese internet. For example, on Sina's microblog site, bloggers used pictures and English to avoid censorship. SongLingge#2 posted a picture of Liu Xiaobo and wrote:

分享图片: 这位越来越像圣雄甘地的家伙,就是刚刚获得2010年度the Nobel Peace Prize 的“中国圣僧”。

Photo sharing: This guy looks more and more like the holy monk Gandhi, he is the Chinese holy monk who was just awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.

Fan Zhixing, a reporter urged his colleagues to record the history made today:


Reporter colleagues, your keyboards are under your control. How are you prepared to record today? When today is mentioned again in the future, we will be able to see the light and shadow reflecting each other.

Huang Yangda wrote (post since deleted):


Juding from hearsay, the guy who awarded the Peace Prize is Chinese, but he is not a party member! Because his political rights have been taken away. I have forgotten his name, don't know how to write it.

Chongtou Yip retold the news with an allegory:


Once upon a time, there was a very violent and unreasonable father who beat and locked up his son in the room. However, at school all teachers and students praised the son. All the neighbors also praised the son. How can the father not see his own fault?

廖偉棠 posted a poem and dedicated it to all political detainees:

致一个被囚禁者(116°46′E ,39°92′N) 莫须有的罪也莫须判 他们想把你在每一篇檄文中删除 使你成为真正的莫须有先生。 他们从永定河中捞出空气冻成的白骨 给你做了莫须有的铁窗、莫须有的枷锁, 却没想到你从白骨里蘸墨 画出了梦里人焚烧的春闺余烬。

To a detainee (116°46′E, 39°92′N): A crime without any reason cannot be sentenced. They want to delete you in every declaration. And turn you into Mr. non-existence. They extracted the air from Yongding river and froze it into white bones. Which were turned into meaningless iron bars on the window and ankle chains. They never imagined that you could pour ink onto the white bones. And paint the ashes of spring dream of the dreamer.


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